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hi!! i'm alexander. i use he/him or they/them pronouns :)

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Merlin, some people are just SO wrong about Ravenclaws. My step mother had been surprised by my sorting, but personally, I think it was quite a clear decision. I was almost a Hatstall, though; the Sorting Hat couldn't decide between Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. I'm definitely quite glad at the result.
My favourite subjects at the moment are most definitely Charms (being my first favourite) and History of Magic (being my second favourite, although Binns is quite exhausting to listen to). I'm also quite smitten with the Study of Ancient Runes and many of the extra-curricular classes offered. I was never very good at Herbology, though it is a very interesting subject. I don't think that there are any classes that I disliked- maybe flying, because I'm not at all athletic, but I can't say that I hated it. Anyway, I'm a half-blood, my father being a muggle and my birth mother being a witch. My step mother is also a witch, but she's a Hufflepuff and my mother is a Slytherin (unsurprisingly). Thankfully I haven't gotten many negative comments about my status so far... although I have gotten plenty of comments about being related to the famous Harry Potter. He's honestly just a huge dork. I'm quite proud of my ability with the wand, doing charms and things- it's quite fun as well. I have a white cat named Sherlock and a tiny grass snake named Jinx that no one knows about (I keep him in my pocket at all times). I'm almost 100% sure that I inherited being a parselmouth from my mother (probably one of the only cool things I inherited from her; I'm honestly quite good at it. Though I get bulllied a bit because of it.) When I’m not studying for History of Magic, you can usually find me reading or drawing in the Ravenclaw common room, snuggled up in about 50 blankets.
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