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It came as no surprise to my family and I when the sorting hat called out Hufflepuff, I'm very hard working and value friendship and kindness above everything. It was surprising to us at the time, though I guess it shouldn't have been, that I ended up being a hatstall with Ravenclaw as well. Now that I look back, that choice was also just as probable for I am a giant nerd, and do my best to have a very open mind.
It still doesn't seem completely real to me yet, this whole universe, like it's almost to good to be true. Either way, I am glad that this exists, my favorite classes are all of them- just kidding! I mainly love Astronomy, Potions, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, and Herbology. I never really got the hang of Transfiguration that much which kinda sucks because I think that would be a cool class, but what can you do? I can't do Arithmomancy at all, but I was surprisingly good at History of Magic, not that I enjoy that class because I do not.
I guess I would be considered as a Half-Blood, my Grandma was a Pure-Blood, which makes my mom a Half-Blood, and my dad is a muggle-born (he has a magical bloodline, but his parents were not magical.) This hasn't impacted my life that greatly, but my family wasn't sure if I had magic or not, and I've never really been completely immersed in the wizarding world like some other wizarding families.
I was born a few years after the second wizarding war, but my parents and some older cousins were alive in that time period, and a few did fight in the war. As awful that war was, I am glad that all those people who were affected by it, did not lose their lives, sanity, loved ones, or a part of themselves in vain. They prevailed to give us a better chance at life, and I intend to live this life till it's fullest.
I'm not sure what I want to do when I Graduate. Maybe I'll become a Healer, or teacher, or an activist for misunderstood creatures. Perhaps I'll travel the world and study different cultures, Runes, and animals, look at the stars, and create new elixirs. What ever I end up doing, I hope that it will help people, and make the world a a little bit better for everyone.
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