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I was on the Hogwarts Express when it all came flooding back to me. Everything seemed so sudden.
I remember sitting in the lonely compartment, watching the raindrops fall down the window. It took me long enough to realize that it wasn't a dream. I was going to a school to learn magic, there are two worlds; the magical and muggle world, and last, but not least, I was a witch.
I was quivering with fear that I would be sorted into the wrong house, and it would be my fault, even though the choice was not mine.
I remember sitting on the old wooden stool with a large, old hat on my head. It read my thoughts, saw everything I was hiding. I began to count the moments it spent looking through my head. I had overheard from older students that you would hear the hat's voice inside your head, but I had heard barely anything. Several minutes went by and people began to whisper. I began to think, 'Hurry up! What is taking so long?' and finally heard the voice inside my head. 'Difficult to choose, young one. I do not see you fitting into Hufflepuff, but very difficult to decide on Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw... Slytherin? No, I suppose not. Definitely Gryffindor or Ravenclaw... What would you say?' the old, croaky voice sounded from the back of my head. 'I don't know! Just choose one, plenty other kids are waiting!' I spat back, trying very hard not to say it aloud. 'Hmm, let's flip a coin. Close your eyes, heads or tails?' the voice said again.

Still to this day, I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen heads. I would have never met my best friends, maybe not even have made it onto the Quidditch team.
But I am happy to be a Gryffindor. Proud to call it my home.

--->So, the basics.
My name is Taylor Madison Cassidy. I am currently in my third year a Hogwarts. I am Muggleborn, but my distant relatives are also magical.
--5"1'. I am short. I am smol. Do not think that it is a disadvantage.
--Medium length blonde hair. Naturally wavy, usually straight.
--Blue eyes
--Tan sin
Bold, adventurous, kind, smart, bubbly, can be goofy, clumsy, athletic, competitive, cheerful, cunning, can be sarcastic, sometimes embarrasses myself or does something stupid.
Drawing (or just creating things in general), the rain, writing, cats, reading, sports (more specifically; soccer, track, cross country and softball), magic, chocolate milk, succulents/smol cacti, aesthetic, and so much more.
Sunburns, bugs, homework, loud music, people making fun of me/my friends
Smart, cunning, powerful, clever.
Being hurt, my secrets O_o, being hungry, being bored, sometimes following directions
Magical Strengths:
Charms, Herbology, flying/Quidditch, Alchemy, sometimes DADA.
Magical Weaknesses:
Transfiguration, Astronomy, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, sometimes DADA.
---> Other things about me, you stalker.
Pets: I have two pets, one is my cat, Avalon. She is all white with beautiful green eyes. My other is a Barn Owl named Hoot, my parents got him for me during my second year.
Patronus: My patronus is a lioness, I discovered this just this year.
Wand: 10 1/2 inches, oak wood, dragon heartstring core.
Favorite colors: My favorite color is pink, but I also like light blue, black, light grey, pastel orange, pastel brown, and pastel yellow.
*a tumbleweed blows by*
Romantic: None ;^;
Family: None so farrr (message me if you want to be in my family)
Friends: None yet sadly

Now you know the basic things about me, and I don't even know. YOU STALKER. Nah jk message me if you want to chat! Since I am an ambivert, there are some times that I don't want to talk. Just warning ya.
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