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The sorting hat took a moment to place me either in Slytherin or Hufflepuff. He ultimately chose Hufflepuff due to my Kindness, patient, and Hard work. He debated Slytherin for my Pride, ambiton and intelligence. My Kindness and patients wining me over to become a Hufflepuff.
I favored Herbology and Care of Magical Creaters, I loathed Transfigutation. I did well in charms but found it dull and uneventful, even when one of my friends blew up.
I am a pureblood while my older 4 siblings are halfblooded due to different mothers. My blood status was respected greatly for my kindness, though of course time to time a Slytherin would bagger the rest of my family. I was not at Hogwarts when, "He" was gaining power. My eldest brother was a second year but was pulled due to my family in fear.
My greatest strength is my words 'I could bring a grown man to terror or make a prisoner of Azkaban smile.' is what my father says, and I hold him to it. My greatest weakness is my plain denial to call anyone my friend due to me not wanting to be used or hurt. So I have acquaintances I talk to instead of friends.
I am hopening to become a career for magical Creaters in need to be healed. The most fascinating aspect of magic to me is the shear power of its stubbornes at the wost of times. I want to help others but so I can learn better for the next time.
To be honest I just want one main goal in life instead of fifty individual things th t constantly change, its tiring, stressful and unpredictable.
I have a pet ferret named Arthur who is female. She i silly and active, she tends to steal things and hide them under cushions, pillows, and my duvet cover.
My father and mother are fullbloodes but my siblings are not due to my father marring my mother after my siblings Mum left, my family has been in every Hogwarts house. My father Hufflepuff , My mother was in Slytherin, William my oldest brother is in his last year of Slytherin , The twins Casey and Ceil are both in Ravenclaw 6 year, ( both are female but go buy their middle names.) and then Brice is in Griffindor 4th year and I'm in 1st year. The only oddity is that the twins finish eatchothers sentences and I'm pretty sure they can read minds.
My appearance resembles my mother greatly, I have full round cheeks, a round button nose, a round chin and my eyes are large. I have blind pristine blond hair and box like eyebrows. The only fetchers I of my father are my brown eyes and my middle toe on each foot is longer than my big toe.

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