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I started Hogwarts this year. In my family, the closest magicians are my uncle and my grandfather, who had studied at Ivermorny; And I, of course. So, as a new student here, the best experience I could count on is my wand. I wrote it in principle for my kind of charms, but I can tell it again.
My wand has a great history, an unforgettable experience for me. My uncle wanted to give me the wand of his father (of my grandfather) because it was something special for him, but I made disasters with her. I burned my mother's skirt and plucked Eloi, my owl. I felt terrible, but my uncle decided to buy a new one. He said Ollivander's business was the best, but he was not sure he could afford it.
After hearing this, I decided to pay the wand myself. Accustomed to living with muggles, I thought that to get money, I had to sell bracelets. I had enough to buy my wand after a month and a half. I thought my uncle would be happy, but he told me that in the Magic World it was not paid that way. My disappointment was so great that I thought I would not make it to Hogwarts.
But I changed my mind two or three days later, when my uncle invited me to stroll the streets of London. I thought he would tell me he could not go to school, we went to Diagon Alley. I already knew the place because I had gone to buy the robe, the books and other things of the school. I have been told that I have changed my Muggle tickets by galleons to a friend who was a collector
We returned to my house with my wand, bought, of course, in Ollivander's business. I did not have much trouble finding the perfect one for me. I was very happy, I would never forget that day. I was amused that my uncle forbade me to touch his father's wand again. Anyway, if I did not, I would also ban it.

Features of my wand: unicorn hair core, alder wood, 11 '' in length, slightly flexible.
House of Ivermorny: Pukwudgie, like my uncle and my grandfather.
Patronus: Dolphin
My pet: I have an owl, and his name is Eloi.
Blood: Muggleborn.
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