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Hi! My name is Clair Varen. I can't believe I'm actually writing this! I have just received a letter from a school of MAGIC! This nice professor lady named Minerva, yeah like the Roman goddess, came to my house and sat me and my parents down and told me I, Clair Amanda Varen, am a witch. My parents made Lizzi leave the room because I swear I felt her listening at the door. I can often feel things, like what the people I know well are feeling, and if they're nearby. Lizzi and I have been obsessed with magic for years. When we were little our grandmother used to tell us stories about magicans and warlocks. Apparently, our grandmother was what the wizards called a squib. It means her parents were magical, but she was a muggle (non-wizard). Anyway, Miss Minerva told us that if my parents allowed it, I could go to this school called "Hogwarts", and learn how to be a witch. Mom and Dad agreed at once, and before she left I asked her if I could tell my best friend about all of this. I didn't want to leave him behind without telling him something about where I was going. She got this funny look in her eye and asked me what his name was. I told her and she smiled at me and said of course I could, but not to tell anyone else. I agreed, she said goodbye and handed me my letter with my list of supplies and said she'd see me at school. I'm so excited! I can't wait to tell Harry!
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