Phoenix Eister


Hey, I am awkward, dyslexic, I love writing and coffee, and I'm gender fluid, nice to meet you!

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Name: Phoenix Eister

Dead Name: Phil Eister

Nicknames: Phi to friends, Phi-Phi when being teased, Eister to teachers/enemies, Phil to family

House: Slytherin

Pet: A black cat named Rose

Parentage: half-blood, Muggle father

Age: Whatever is convenient to the rp.

Sex: Male

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (I'm gay as fuck, she's gay as fuck.)

Birthday: 15/7/19**

Wand: Ebony, Dragon heartstring core, 13" in length, Hard flexibility

Patronus: Raven

Backstory: Phoenix has lived with her father, stepmother, and step/half siblings her entire life. While her family is loving, she is not currently out as transgender and therefore uses Hogwarts as a sanctuary and place she can be herself. It's rather easy to keep this a secret from her family, as they are entirely Muggle.

Personality: Phoenix and her best friend Pelar run an underground service at Hogwarts. In exchange for rare magical artifacts, money or favors, they will do anything from sell information, get revenge on behalf of students, to helping get you out of detention. As the social, athletic one of the duo, Phoenix mainly focuses on getting things done, while Pelar works on strategy and organizing information.
Despite this, Phoenix actually enjoys making friends with people...mostly.

Hair: She originally has short brown hair, but she uses spells to make it long and colourful, usually its silver and chest length, but she's been known to experiment.

Eyes: grey/blue

Height: Tall
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