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Not really from Canada, just wishes I was.

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I was always a faithful daughter, and i always made my father proud. When I received my Tunsdock Letter that faithful day, I knew what it meant. My father Marius Scamander went there for school. I never knew my mum, or her name, and neither did my father, but we knew she was in Humboldt, the equivalent of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. When we stopped by the Barren Bulldog pub and the sign said “The Leaky Cauldron”, the innkeeper was an odd but friendly woman, and there were some people to help show us around. The coolest part of Knockturn Alley, this was before it turned dark and before Diagon alley was built, was picking up my broom last year. Before my first year I found out I was a Metamorphagus. Before I went on the Carriage to go to Humboldt, my father told me that I was adopted and the stories of my mother were true but, he wasn't my biological father.

On the carriage ride my mother appeared in the same carriageas me. She looked exactly like me. Long blonde hair same eye color. She told me that her name was Kalliope, the epic. She told me that I was her first child and as such I gain special abilities that include shapeshifting, magic, and the chance to become immortal. My mother also warned me of gods and monsters that want to kill me, because I am her primus, her first, I am very dangerous to many. So much that most gods kill their primus. She left me when I entered the school and for two years I had meet nothing not even the powers that she spoke of. Then in my third year, I noticed that I was larger than every one. Not taller, no, I was 7 feet tall and the body ratio to match. Then in the middle of classes i would periodically pass out. Then the last straw before I was found out was turning into a Draccenae. The headmaster led me to her office and sat me down. She told me about the gods even more. Shee told me that she was a child of Ares. She told me that in order to become a God, I had to go on a quest that restores my parent's honor.

Several years later, I had finally more or less could control my powers. I headed to the Trojan base. They slept as though dead. I might have put some sleeping serum in their wine. I snuck past their excuse for a wall. Inside was my mother's golden crow. I picked up the crown, at least 3 meters in diameter, then muttered a shrinking spell on the diadem. I brought I back on my ship headed for Athens. When I was there. My mother appeared before me a hand on my shoulder and raised me to Olympus.

Then time went on, I was granted immortality and became the God of Witchcraft. I am often over shadowed by my mother. I am never mentioned in history, only to be accompanied by Hecate and Kalliope.

But years later, in a revolt on Olympus, the famous one, with Athena, Hera, Apollo, and Poseidon. Well I was a major player, I bound Zeus, I watched over him. Even though Thetis and Briares overcame me, I was still punished for my actions. When Zeus stripped his brother and his son of their immortality and tossed them down to Troy, I was given the worst. I was put in lingo. For three thousand years, I was part of the Chaos, the Gap.

Then twenty-six years ago, Zeus found out what to do with me. He stripped me of all my primus powers, of my Godhood. I was even made to take a dip in the Lethe. While this was all fine but before I was sent down, Zeus swapped my gender. Now I was sent down in a mortal body with no memory of my godhood, as a not. I grew up with my father. My mother died after I was born. Then my stayr found me. I was taken to Camp halfblood.

When I was there, I didn't respect the gods enough and the next time I went into the forest, I became a Rowan tree. A few months ago, I fell out of the tree. Right during capture the flagright over the most heated part, and by fell I meant the highest branch that was capable of me fiting inside it, and fell right on the shield of someone.

(Not finished stay tuned)

I am the current Beater for the Ravenclaw team. I am also second cousin to Leader and Lorcan Scamander. I also Identify as a Dragon. My grandfather gave me a thunderbird egg this year as my birthday present and I now raising Bronte.

Wand: Rowan wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
Patronus: Dragon
Animagus: Dragon
Blood Status: Half-blood/Pure blood/Sacred 28 (I'm not really sure what to call myself do gods count as Pure bloods)
Occupation: Penguin/Dragon/Polar bear Dealer
Pet: Ferret
Parents: Marius Scamander, son of Alexander Scamander, and Athena Zeusson

RPing form #1:
Full Name: Kalliope Rigel Fawley
Age: 13/26 (Same birth year as Thalia, unlike her I didn't age at all)
Birthday: July 30 ( Neville Longbottoms birth day)
Traits: Chaotic Good, caring, peaceful, but when you hurt my friends I WILL break you, a major rebellious streak.
Biggest Fear: I have an unconditional fear of gas masks and things in the dark
Godly Parent: Kalliope and Apollo, but I love my Aunt Artemis more and the great child of Aphrodite
Weapon: Bow or knife
Sexuality/Relationship Status: Male, single and straight don't need a relationship
Hair Colour: Blond with tinges of green
Eye Colour: blue gray
Build: scrawny medium height
Height: 5' 2"
Possessions: A green and brown, a necklace with a golden leaf on it, a notebook in which I record my experiences, A skull jacket, a bow with a moon on it and matching arrows.
*special* I have gained some abilities from my life as a tree like a dryad

Traits: Chaotic Good, friendly but still has a rebellious streak
Biggest Fear: untamed fire
Godly Parent: Hecate
Weapon: Staff
Sexuality/Relationship Status: Male Single and Straight though I do support others
Hair Colour: Dark blond hair
Eye Colour:Purple
Build: lean but muscular handsome but doesn't want to be
Height: tall average
Possessions Staff, a invisibility hat and a cloak not for magical reasons but because why not
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