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In ravages of a world being desecrated by the toxicity of the Lord Voldemort, a lesser evil ran rampant amongst the darkness creating their own misfortune amidst the wizarding faction. While few knew the horrors, I am one such living reminder of the wrath of the vampires. Unlike the famous Harry Potter, my name wasn't rejoiced as "The Girl who survived." I was just simply another unnoticed victim of dark arts. Let me start from the beginning.

October 31st, 1985

"Open up, Kendra. We know you're hiding her! You know you can't keep her from us much longer. Especially not now that we know what she possesses." A dark menacing voice hissed behind the heavy oak door of the Coventry residence. The womans sapphire eyes filled with terror at the realization that she'd been found. After being on the run for five years, they'd finally found them. She quickly got up and scurried to her still sleeping daughter, Stella, and shook her gently to wake her.

"Wake up, darling. It's going to get scary in a minute. Mommy needs you to do something very important, okay?" Her voice was filled with desperation. The young girl nodded and rubbed her eyes, unsure of what her mother had to fear.
"Okay, I want you to play a little game with mommy. You know that game you like to play where you change into the kitty? Mommy wants you to do that now. Then we're gonna play hide and seek." She knew the best way to keep her daughter safe was to try and hide her the best she could and pray for a miracle.

Another resounding boom from multiple fists echoed in the void of the darkness of the two story house. "We won't tell you again Kendra! You have the next minute to open this damned door, or we will break it down and make you regret wasting our time. You're already on our bad side." The voice threatened. The sound of multiple voices chuckling darkly followed suit.

Kendra took a deep breath and gave her daughter a brave smile. "Alright sweetie. No matter what you hear or what you see, do not come down those stairs. You hear me? Hide and I'll come and find you when this is over. Don't let the men find you." Even though the young girl had no idea what was to happen to her mother, she nodded and metamorhped into a black kitten to play the 'game'.

Kendra picked up her daughter and held her for a moment whispering, "Mommy loves you very much. Never forget that," before putting her down at the foot of the stairs. "Now hide." Her gentle voice commanded. Stella complied, scampering up the stairs as quickly as her tiny furry legs would allow.

With barely enough time for Stella to hide, the sound of the oak wood door splintering filled the room. Moonlight quickly chased away the darkness but cast the great shadows of the men across the walls. Their hollow eyes quickly zero'd in on Kendra, their mouths drooping into wicked smiles, fangs glinting in the soft light. "Hello again, Kendra. Thought you could hide forever did you? Well, Roman isn't happy that you stole his daughter. We're here to retrieve her."

Kendra scoffed, "/His/ daughter? Just because they share blood does not make her his! He chose long ago that power mattered more than life. He only cared about her upon finding out her bloodline to Salazar. I refuse to let him turn her into a monster. Besides, she isn't here. You've lost, Luka. She's somewhere you'll never find her." She said icily, hoping he would buy it.

Luka threw his head back and laughed, "Monster? You forget that you loved that 'monster'. And you really expect me to believe after five years that you would suddenly trust someone else with the care of your daughter? Right. Search the house, boys. I don't care if you have to turn this house upside down. She's here." He said, taking out his wand and pointing it at Kendra.

"You're wasting your time, I said she's not-" Kendra tried to finish but was quickly quieted by the hand around her neck.

"Not another word from you. We will deal with you in a moment." Staring into his eyes, Kendra saw only darkness and the promise of death staring back at her. If it would give her daughter a chance, she would gladly give her life.

It seemed like an eternity went by as furniture was thrown and doors broken down in search of Stella, who had hidden herself in a crook in the wall that she'd discovered during one of her previous hide and seek games. She cowered against the wall as close as she could, her fur standing on end in fear as a the sound of footsteps closed in on her location. Just when she thought she'd be found, the man stopped. "Nothing up here, Luka. Guess she wasn't lying. That sure takes away the fun." The man said, his fading footsteps caused Stella to relax.

Luka frowned and ran a pale finger across Kendra's throat. "Who said the fun had to end. He said to bring him his daughter, he said nothing about not having a little fun with her mother. I don't know about you boys, but I'm starving." Luka twisted Kendra's neck to the side and grinned again, savoring the moment before plunging his fangs into her delicate skin. Kendra screamed helplessly as she felt the life force and happiness being drained from her body. She knew what was happening next would be her end.

Stella cringed at the sound of her mothers scream and cautiously ventured forth, hiding behind a post at the top of the stairs to view the scene. She saw her mothers body start to slump to the floor, but noticed Luka didn't stop feeding. She was too weak to fight them and too young to know what was happening to her mother. As she watched on, she heard her mother whisper one last thing, "One day, you'll answer to her for what you've done."

Luka's posse stood around the pair as the last drops of Kendra's life force were drained and her body lay cold on the hard wood floor. Luka stood up and wiped the crimson blood from his mouth, looking pleased with himself. "Now, boys, let's get out here before things get nasty."

As soon as Stella knew the group was gone, she morphed back into her human form and stumbled down the stairs to her mother, tears streamed down her innocent face. "Momma, momma! Please wake up!" She screamed, her voice met only with the mocking silence of the darkness once more. She shook her mothers arm as she continued to plead, not understanding that her mother was dead.

After a few minutes of silence, Stella was frightened by the sudden movement from her mother. Her mothers eyes turned black and her mouth opened, but what came out was not words. From her mouth emerged a dark cloaked being that seemed to suck the air from the room. Stella pushed herself away from the being and covered her eyes, rocking back and forth as it drew closer to her. Just as it reached to her to steal her happiness, another figure appeared.

"Expecto Patronum!" A strong feminine voice called out. A bright light filled the room and when it was gone, so was Kendra's Dementor. The figure approached Stella and took her hand. Stella looked up at the woman with her tear streaked face, afraid that the woman would hurt her like the men had hurt her mother.

"It's alright, come with me child. My name is Bellatrix. I'll ensure you get your revenge. In time, you will be a powerful witch. I promise you."
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