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I'm Lily. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, although the Sorting Hat had a tough time deciding between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. This is because although I am probably considered on the inside to be more Ravenclaw-like, I present myself more like a Hufflepuff as I seem kind and loyal. I truly am a Ravenclaw though. I pride myself most in being intelligent and somewhat creative, as well as being unique. My favorite classes in my Muggle primary school were science and math, although I always enjoyed almost everything that I took (as long as I didn't despise the instructor). I didn't particularly enjoy english, although on testing I always seemed to do quite well in it. I am a half-blood. Both my parents are wizards, although my grandmother was a muggle. Although I am not considered of great status because I am not a pureblood, I still have done well in the Wizarding World, and have not faced much attack. I was there when he rose to power the second time, but I don't remember it well, as I was quite young. The only thing I truly remember was constantly being sat in front of the television to watch cartoons while my parents quietly discussed something I was not allowed to hear. My greatest strength is probably getting bursts of energy. I get bursts where I am so productive and get a lot done in a shorter period of time. This would make one of my weaknesses getting burnt out quickly. Although I believe in many causes and have many interests, sometimes they burn out for a small period of time because I need a break. Honestly, I have no idea what to do after Hogwarts. Right now I am just looking forward to exploring my options. I feel that the most fascinating aspect of magic is the difference in everyone's capability and strengths in the field. Our different wands, ability to do certain types of magic, and more have always seemed so interesting to me. I'd like to say I want to use magic to help others, which I think also makes me a lot like a Hufflepuff as well. I have always loved learning about healing spells and potions and how we can not only attack and fight others, but we can heal those around us as well. I think I may use magic to further my own ends a bit, but in the end I would feel guilty about doing so, and would end up having to help others at least a little. I have a small orange cat, named Hazel, who goes with me just about everywhere. She is very loyal, and acts more like a dog than a cat. She's playful, yet still is willing to relax and sit with me when the time comes. For the most part, my family gets along quite nicely, although one of my uncles, while he hasn't been completely shunned from the family, definitely gets in brawls with us often. This is because he married a muggle who was so horrible to the rest of my family. She almost didn't invite my mom to their wedding! Everyone in the family hates her, but we don't ignore her, we just try to avoid her and their family.
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