Aquilina Hawthorn

magizoologist trainee/student

Hi , I'm Aquilina! I'm 13 and just started here at HiH! I can't wait to make Friends! Go Ravenclaw!

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  • Ireland


Name: Aquilina Hawthorn
Age: 13
Height: 5"4
Blood status: Muggle Born
Wand : Willow with a cherry handle , unicorn tail hair , 12 3/4 inch, swishy
House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Polar Bear
Birthplace: Meath,Ireland

When I was 10 our toaster broke and my bread was stuck in it so i got my pretend wand and used Wingardium Leviosa. The piece of bread actually levitated! I was so delighted with myself I told my parents that i was magic . They didn't believe me , naturally, and sent me to bed . When i came downstairs my pretend wand was broken and my parents had thrown out all my books. I think they were scared of me. My two older brothers called me a freak and laughed. I was frustrated so i ran away from my house and into the local forest and you wouldn't believe what i saw. A dragon ! He was so beautiful I forgot about all my sorrows. He swooped down and dropped a letter,my Hogwarts letter. I thanked him ,crying with happiness and he nodded and then flew off. I have been very interested in beasts ever since.
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