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I am a true Gryffindor, probably because of my bravery and street smarts. The sorting hat took about 10 seconds to decide on my placement.I love my defense against the dark arts class and charms is also a very fascinating subject. Ancient ruins is quite a bore though, however i did get pretty good marks. As a half-blood(well three fourths blood, my grandma was a witch and my grandpa a muggle, the other side was all magic) i am treated fairly well, of course there are those pure blood lovers, but you cant have everything in life. I am driven by love, as well as hatred which gives me never ending fire. The problem is I hate to deprive someone of life even if its an animal. I would like to be able to become a teacher at Hogwarts. The most amazing part of our Wizarding world is the way you can make nearly anything happen, if you put a wand up to it.Of course the ways magic can heal things is extremely remarkable. As for my family, we have one dog named Sage and I have my own snowy owl named Cuddles. The rest of my family is pretty normal being all wizards and witches we are a common Wizarding family, however there is nothing ordinary about us. My dad has 16 siblings and my mom took 4 extra years of school in a muggle collage. Anyways, I would say my life is quite extraordinary.
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