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My name is Holly Granger. Yes. I am the younger sister of Hermione Granger. I was sorted in to Raven claw. Though, the sorting hat took quiet a while to make a decision. It told me I was the most even of all the houses. He had never met a person so difficult to place. Harder than Harry Potter. Id have tO say Charms and DADA are porbably my most favorite classes here at hogwarts. Potions is particularly dreadful, but I am also pretty horrible at Transfiguration, though I like to think I do as well as everyone else. I don really enjoy Herbology, but I always receive sprucingly good marks. I am a Muggle-Born like my sister. Nobody really teases me because of what happened with the chamber f secrets. It's even more unexeptable. I'd haveto say my greatest strength is probably my intelligence. It has gotten me out of quiet a few situations. My greatest weakness is probably my loyalty to the people I care about most. After school, I think hat I would probably like to be an aurora or work for the ministry. I have a tawny owl named screech. She's quiet pesky at time but greatly loyal and caring. Always up for a challenge. I fight with Hermione alot, but most of my arguments with my parents are about, how when and if I go to hogwarts I'd better be as great as Hermione.
I believe that the greatest aspect of magic is the idea of it all.Being able to basically do anything. Its really motivating when you think about it.
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