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Hey guys! My name' Elizabeth (Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Eliza, Eli) and I play guitar, ukulele, piano, bass guitar, and I sing. and below you can get my favourites
Dark blue

Colour Combo:
Black and Blue


Fall Out Boy

Between Burlesque and The Interview

Book Series:
Harry Potter, duh


Hamilton Soundtrack

Basic Information about me:

Super freckly, strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes
DOB: 10/31/02
Turning fifteen in October
Single ;)

And other things:

*I want to be a music theory teacher when I get older. My middle name is Lyra
**I love stars (but HATE Astronomy. Only stars interest me)
***I'm super loyal, I trust people easily, I really just watch and see, and decide for myself. I don't really realise when people care about me, I need to be shown, as I dint believe it when I'm told. Which is why...
****IM SUPER OBSESSED WITH HUGS like Siriusly ask @Alexis Thorn and she will tell you.
*****I holding hands and hugs, but kiss me and you're probably dead.
****** I'm open to a relationship, but please, friends first. I'd rather get to know someone and like them for how they are, not who. Makes sense? No? Okay...
*******fun fact: I think I've fallen for my guy friends (except one) at one point or another *cough* why I only have two anymore *cough*
********I swear. A lot. Like, a lot....

My fam (and friends, I guess, thigh most are practically family)


Dad: 54
+bday Dec. 9th
Mom: 44
+bday April 8th
Blake: I wanna say 25 but idk
+bday July 23 (I think)
+older half-brother
+hates my family
+haven't seen in seven years
Brooke: 23
+bday Oct. 15
+only sibling I don't hate
+Anthony (4) and Arya (1)
+saw yesterday
Alonzo: 13
+bday April 25
+literally the most annoying person who ever walked the earth
+saw three hours ago
Allison: 7
+bday April 6
+terrible person
+saw four hours ago


Alexis Thorn: 14
+My mom in fake family (birth mother)
+Lexi, Lex, ShelbAAAAAAy

Gracye: 14
+my wifey and aunt in fake family

Get ready for this one:

Arwen Rodriguez Marquez Hernandez Mendez Bocanegra Martinez Fernandez Rodriguez Lavin Quijaz: 13
+Sister in fake family
+moved from Spain
+Arwenita, ArwAAAAN

Maddy (Ramsey): 14
+Adopted mother in fake family
+Maddy RAAAAAAMsey, Mad-dAAY, Mad-Eye

Maddy (Holland): 14
+Ptuncle? I don't actually know here

Andrew Stapp: 14
+one of the six Andrews in my grade
+has been ignoring me for the mast month
+my ex
+my adopted son in fake family

Joe Hartland: 14
+super awesom
+adopted son in fake family
+my formal date (he got a fever, though)

Stevie Forestal: 14
+my bestest friend, if I had to choose one
+crushed on him for months on end
+and he didn't give a crap, and acted like it was nothing
+Son/Grandson in fake family (also need to figure this one out)
+Stephen, Stebie, Asian

Gavin: 13
+he's a giant, towering literally nine inches over me
+10 months younger though??
+not in fake family
+hates hugs haha
+I can't deny that I was crushing on him for a good two months
+Gav, Hicksville

Eli: 16
+super sarcastic
+hates when I apologise ALL THE TIME
+barely tolerates my hugs
+yells at me a lot for stuff like that, actually
+Mookie, Elli
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