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Born on 12 August, 1980, Lucille Elizabeth Halewood grew up on a farm in Longdown. Her muggle parents sold fresh and organic products at the town markets every Sunday.

When she was 11, she received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents were thrilled and they wasted no time in acquiring their daughter's school supplies; as well as a barn owl and was paired with a 10 inch wand, made of ash wood and with a core of unicorn hair and slightly yielding flexibility.

Lucy started at Hogwarts in 1991 and made a few acquaintances, including Susan Bones, Pansy Parkinson, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ronald Weasley, who just happened to live close by to her. Lucy was sorted into Hufflepuff and soon learned that Slytherins were not to be trusted, thanks to the foul behaviour of Draco Malfoy. She was bullied quite frequently by Slytherins for being a muggle-born witch. Lucy struggled through her schooling life, but her friends were always there to help and support her.

During her second year at Hogwarts, Lucy joined the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a Chaser. She never got the chance to play her first game, as the Chamber of Secrets had been opened. Many muggle-borns had been petrified, including Lucy. Fortunately, Madame Pomfrey brewed a cure and saved all those who had been petrified. On the train home, she learned that Draco was worried for her and that he slipped Hermione a page to inform her about the Basilisk, in hopes that she and he friends could help stop the attacks and unpetrify Lucy.

Her favourite subject in third year was Care of Magical Creatures. However, her first lesson was short lived when Draco got himself injured by Buckbeak the Hippogriff. Lucy visited Draco in the hospital wing, during the very brief time he was there. During the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, a bludger injured Lucy's leg. Draco returned the favour and visited her while she was in the hospital wing for a week. Lucy was also visited by the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain, Cedric Diggory. The two became closer and by the end of the year, had become a couple.

In the holidays, Cedric invited Lucy to see the Quidditch World Cup with him. She arrived with the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione. Their fun at the match was short lived when Death Eaters began terrorizing the campsites. Lucy's fourth year at Hogwarts involved the Triwizard Tournament. Lucy was proud that Cedric became a Triwizard Champion. However, their relationship went downhill before the first task and the two separated. Lucy attended the Yule Ball with a fellow classmate, but later was offered a dance by now-good-friend, Draco. Lucy was in ruins when she found out that Cedric had been killed. Draco tried to comfort her, but nothing he did made her better.

During the break, Lucy became haunted by Cedric's death and thought she was losing her mind when she began seeing him. Draco wrote to her, without his parents knowing, in the holidays to make sure she was alright. She found it quite difficult to fit back in to school with everything different. She was able to take out her anger and sadness on the wooden dummies in the Room of Requirement, where she joined Dumbledore's Army and discovered her patronous; a Dapple Grey Stallion. She fought alongside her friends in the Ministry of Magic, where she discovered that Draco's father was a Death Eater. She became worried that Draco would one day share the same fate as his father.

Lucy spent the last few weeks of the holidays at the Weasleys with Hermione, a few weeks before commencing her sixth year. She became the Hufflepuff Prefect. Lucy was told by Harry that Draco had supposedly become a Death Eater - her worst fear - but she refused to believe it. She and Draco had become very close but she knew that he was keeping secrets. She had also become friends with Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle. Lucy joined the Slug Club and went to the Christmas Gathering with Blaise, who was also in the Slug Club. Lucy received one anonymous rose on Valentine's Day, but it was obvious to her that it was from Draco. Lucy and Harry's friendship was torn after she learnt that Harry very nearly killed Draco with an unknown spell. When the Death Eaters made their appearance in Hogwarts, Lucy found Harry upstairs and they watched in horror as Draco threatened to kill Dumbledore. But Snape took Draco's job and killed the Headmaster himself. Harry and Lucy were so overruled by anger. They tried to stop the Death Eaters - Harry attempted to fight Snape, while Lucy failed at stopping Draco from going with them. Lucy planned to join Harry, Ron and Hermione in their attempt to stop Voldemort, in hopes of saving Draco. But she did not get far.

When the Death Eaters took over Hogwarts, the muggle-born witches and wizards immediately left, some were unfortunately captured. Lucy fought in the Battle of the Seven Potters and attended Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's wedding. However, the wedding was interrupted by Death Eaters. Harry, Ron and Hermione managed to get away safetly, but Lucy was captured and locked up in the dungeon of Malfoy Manor with Mr Ollivander and Luna Lovegood. Draco tried everything to bargain with his parents to let her go, in which they found out that he cared for the muggle-born. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dobby rescued them. Lucy tried to convince Draco to go with them, but he was too scared of what might happen. Lucy returned to the darkened Hogwarts hours before the Final Battle. She helped Harry discover one of the Horcruxes - the diadem - and was reunited with Draco, but was left to fight the final part alone when he fled the ruined school with his parents.

Lucy eventually married Draco, despite it being completely against his parents' will. There are often many family disputes as Narcissa and Lucius had high hopes of a girl whose family featured on the 'Sacred Twenty-Eight'. Lucy and Draco had a son named Scorpius, who is to start his first year at Hogwarts later in 2017. Family gatherings are often fraught with tension in the Malfoy family.
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