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Basic Information:

Full name: Saffron Meredith Woods
Born: 17th May 2002 (Taurus)
Blood status: Halfblood
Height: 5'4
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Patronus: Tigress
Wand: Alder, phoenix feather, eleven and 3/4, unyielding.

Family History:

Shortly after the First Wizarding War, Emett Darby (halfblood) first met Ambrosia Elwell (pureblood) when he moved in to the house opposite her family home in London. He had graduated Hogwarts a year prior, and his parents had decided to move to a place where other witches and wizards could be found. Emett was the head boy in his time, a Gryffindor seeker who made a lasting impression on his teachers and fellow peers. Ambrosia was a Ravenclaw, a half veela with long fair hair and blue eyes and she wasn't afraid to speak what was on her mind. She had graduated a year after Emett and saw him as a stuck up boy who thought he was the best thing since chocolate frogs. Unfortunately for Emett, he took a liking to this pretty girl with a sharp tongue and as time went on he found himself developing feelings for her. Ambrosia denied his offers of becoming something more almost immediately. Emett, being quite charming (or so he thought) wasn't used to not getting whatever or whoever he wanted, so he took this as a challenge. He wore Ambrosia down by sending her gifts and writing her sonnets and doing whatever other cheesy thing he could do to try and get her to soften. Eventually, Ambrosia felt a fondness for him and they began seeing eachother.

They were wed in 1983, and after a few years of living together Ambrosia gave birth to her only child, Ophelia. Ophelia attended Hogwarts just like her parents and was sorted into Ravenclaw house. During Ophelia's fourth year, her mother passed away due to a magical accident. After this, Ophelia and her father decided to move to Scotland and took residency in a manor located near Slioch. She met Spencer Woods, a cocky Slytherin halfblood, in The Three Broomsticks and he won her attraction by betting her a galleon she couldn't drink a butterbeer in ten seconds. They began dating in their 5th year. Spencer proposed to Ophelia, and he moved into the manor with her. Emett stayed living with his daughter and her fiance, up until the birth of their first daughter, Valentina. She recieved her letter for Hogwarts at the age of eight, and when Valentina was ten her little sister, Saffron, was born. Valentina attended Hogwarts and was sorted in Slytherin, like her father.


Saffron was born in 2002 as the second daughter to her halfblood parents. Her mother wanted her and her sister to grow up as respectful and polite ladies, often scolding them for not looking clean enough or doing something that she didn't approve of. Her sister was the black sheep of the family, reckless with a wild streak and would always go against her mother's wishes. They would often have screaming matches with each other that would usually end with one of them hurling a jinx at the other. Saffron saw how her disobedient child was taking a toll on her mother's happiness and she decided to try and become a witch her mother would be proud of. When her sister graduated she moved away from the family and started a new life in Sheffield. Saffron was devestated as despite their different mindsets they were very close. After her sister left Saffron turned to books, and would spend her days reading. Her personality changed a little when she turned nine as she stopped being so shy and quiet and started to become a little more outgoing and inquistive. This was around the time her mother bought her first pet, a grey persian cat named Odis. Saffron's love for animals developed and she dedicated her time to the much loved feline. Her first sign of magic was shown when she accidently casted a wandless disarming charm after her mother snuck up on her. Her letter for Hogwarts arrived shortly after and her mother was delighted, after fears she might have been raising a squib.

( And yes that really is me in my profile picture! Although, my real name is not Saffron. xD )
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