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I was born from a witch, Rosalind Nymphadeta, and a muggle man known as Adonis. They met on my mother's trip to Greece, my father's home, where she was researching potion ingredients. They weren't planning to have me, so it came as a surprise for both parties. Unable to start a family without my father knowing the truth, my mother confessed her origins, and shortly after a spell was to be performed once my father's mental state began to collapse. My mother had to leave and raise me on her own, returning to Scotland, her homeland, to sell potions that soon gained quick popularity with other magical beings.
I grew up near the edge of a small town in an ancient house, a forest to the side and buildings stretching for miles on the other. Our house was old and covered in ivy. A wooden fence surrounded the front, a walkway of stone leading to the veranda by a garden gate dotted with flowers. The house, three stories, held steady after decades of its creation. The interior was made up of twists and turns, the building filled with secrets and passages and hidden rooms I know like the back of my hand. My mother worked on her potions in the backroom behind the small kitchen, which was an expansion she created herself and very proud of.
Mother was often off selling potions and collecting ingredients, and although I accompanied her many times, I tended to get myself in trouble when I was left alone. Trouble, meaning confronting dangerous magical creatures I was told to keep away from, which resulted in numerous scars. My curiosity got the better of me, even if I was able to understand why I should not go near them. Many times, I got out of sticky situations such as this by using tricks and being cunning, which is one of the reasons I'm not so surprised I was sorted into Slytherin.
During said sorting, I was a bit of a hatstall. The Sorting Hat couldn't decide whether to put me in Slytherin or Ravenclaw! I wouldn't have minded either at the time, but he finally picked the snake and I realized how awful the dungeon is. Dark and gloomy, I'd rather be in the Ravenclaw common room. I mean, riddles instead of passwords? Books upon books? Great views from the sky? Light? Of course, the dungeon does have its perks, but I can't tell you what (it's a closely guarded secret between us Slytherins! We like our privacy). Despite that, I probably won't be found in there much. I'll most likely be in the library, the Astronomy tower, outside, or wandering the school halls.
My wand is 10 3/4 long, quite flexible, with a dragon heartstring core and made of maple wood. I am quite proud of its capability to perform.
My future has many choices laid out before me, but I know I want to be successful and travel the world. Whether as an author, an auror, a potioneer, or a magizoologist. I look forward to living a life worth telling stories about.
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