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Hey Im Hannah!
My nicknames: Han, Hannah Banana, Hannie, And you can call me anything really.

~Here is some irl info for yall~
Name: Hannah
Favourite colour: Pink or Baby blue
Favourite youtubers: Hmm, I like Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, and Joe Sugg
Favourite drink: Ice tea
Siblings: Alice, James, John, Mitchell
Live: Somewhere in the UK
Status: Single
Best friend: Cara
Favourite sport: Swimming
Pet Peeve: When I am late
Favourite subject: French
Travelled: Aussie, America, Italy, France, Brazil, soon to Philippines
Favorite food: Eggs, Chicken, bread, waffles
Favorite Desert: Cookies and Cream ice cream!!!!
Height: 5'7.5
Hair color: It used to be red but it darkened so it is a brown.
Favorite animal: I really like giraffes
Weird talent: Wiggling my ears (genetics), juggling, I can wink with 2 eyes.
Instrument: Clarinet (I kneo I'm a dork)
What I do in free time: Read, listen to music, eat, hang out with Mitch, swim, roller skate, play with puppy!

Fun Facts: I have ADHD (not very fun) I can do really impressive things on roller skates, like I go to skate parks and go on the Ramps to do cool flips. I am colorblind like my brother Mitch. I am the youngest triplet of John and Mitch. I do oil pastels. I am very clumsy unfortunately. I also like to ski, but I don't get very many chances to do that anymore. I am the only person in my family that is a Gryffindor, they are all hufflepuffs. (Will add more another day)

Name: Hannah☆
House: Gryffindor
Favourite course: Haven't taken any >_<
Status: Single as always but not complaining
Im in Pukwidge
(May add more later)
Patronus: Fox

Why I joined:
Because my brother Mitch was always on here and he suggested I got an account, so I did.

Thanks for reading ;)
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