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I was born on 10th of October, 2000 in Brighton to a half-blood father and a muggle mother. My father, who followed my muggle grandfather's footsteps, is a physics teacher (physics is a science field where muggles try to understand the world around them, without knowing, of course, the existance of magic) and my mother is a psychiatrist (a type of muggle doctor that applies knowledge of basic muggle brain structure and behavior in order to help them cope with certain mental disorders).
I got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts just like any other witch kid, and I was very excited about it. Being an only child puts a certain amount of pressure on you, that pressure I felt the strongest to be coming from my grandmother. She truly wanted me to experience the magic (pun unintended) of the wizarding world. She was the only one to get extremely worried when I showed no signs of magic during my toddler and infant years. So when I got my letter she was so relieved that she insisted on buying me my wand, despite my parents' arguments. I'm almost certain that she also wanted me to be sorted into Slitherin, just like she and her entire ancectry was, mainly because her only son was sorted into Ravenclaw.
And that's pretty much what I'm comfortable with sharing for now, so toodles!
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