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I came to Hogwarts a year early, as a 10 year old, because of my wit and my appeal to advanced learning. I was sorted in to Ravenclaw by the hat. Originally, it thought I would do well in Slytherin, but I persuaded it to put me in Ravenclaw, as my mother had before me. I was a bit of a hatstall, as I had to persuade the hat, but that was no matter to anyone else. I was the last to be sorted, anyway. My favorite classes are Charms and Potions, while my least favorite is Transfiguration. However, I still hope I do well in it. I am a halfblood, yet since the attendance of Harry Potter and his friends to school, and Draco Malfoy as well, blood discrimination isn't as harsh now. My greatest strength is creative writing. I grew up in the Muggle world as a child, and was always writing fantastical stories about our world. My greatest weakness is the fact that I will do anything to get my hands on more knowledge about this world. After I finish school, I either want to be a teacher at Hogwarts, an Auror, or a children's book author. The most fascinating part of magic for me is how it even exists. I didn't know about it until two years ago, when my parents told me about Hogwarts, as my parents wanted me to have the best of both worlds so they raised me in a Muggle community. However, as a child I still often caught glimpses of my wizard mother making potions. In my life, all I want is success and people there to enjoy my success with me. I have a tabby cat named Patty, and I love her ever so much. She is very stubborn, and acts like a kitten often, but she is always making everyone laugh, so we put up with her.
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