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Sup guys? Btw, anything I do is in the timing of the original series :>

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When Lilly was attacked by Voldemort, she was pregnant. When Snape found her, he preformed a spell to get the child out. And that child was me. I was sent to America for most of my life until it was time to come to hogwarts. The other kids in the ophanage I grew up in were afraid of me, a lot of the time hostile. I have many scars that I cover up with my robes and some makeup. If you look closely, you can see the bumps of covered scars. People harass me at Hogwarts because they too are intimidated and take any anger they may have against my brother out on me. They know I won't fight back or tell. However, they will find out just how powerful I can be if they insult my brother or harass someone else. I have golden eyes, as a sign from the dark lord. My thick, red-ish, auburn hair goes to just past my waist. I have very pale skin from being inside a lot. I am adventurous, yet shy and introvert-y. Those two parts of me battle over my actions. I have autism. I excel with defense againsts the dark arts, but I will constantly use muggle solutions to problems. (Why would I constantly dip a quill when I can bring in a ball point pen?) I also have a photographic memory. (I'm a fifth year even though it says I'm a first. Idk how to change it, so meh.)

Note: I am a heterosexual female, but if you ever need someone to talk to about struggles with acceptance and such, you can always owl me. Most of my friends IRL are in the LGBTQA+ community, so I know what you're going through even if I haven't personally gone through it myself. Just want y'all to know that you are valid and I love you guys!
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