Dawn Winters


"There are many worlds, but they all share the same sky. One sky, one destiny."

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Name ~Dawn Winters


Birthday ~ December 16

Astrological Sign ~ Sagittarius

Nationality ~ Irish

Blood Status~ ???

Gender ~ Female

Personality ~Dawn is a timid person at first glance but once comfortable she can become quite eccentric. She is extremely curious and is always searching for more knowledge and skills. She usually tries her best but will occasionally slack off.

Likes ~ runes, older clothing from the 1200's-1900's

Dislikes ~ her hair its too distracting,

Father ~ Colman Winters

Mother~ Freya Webster

Siblings ~ Dawn is the youngest of 9 children, Mathew[Mat](25), Lillian[Lilly](23), Tristan[Trey](21), Lyra(19), Anastasia[Anna](19), Laurelin[Laurel](19), Benjamin[Ben](18), and Dylan(17). of the kids only Ben and Dylan are still in school, with Dawn starting her first year.

House ~ Gryffindor

Quidditch ~ She is a really good player but is not confident enough to try out for a team, she likes to make up plays and moves in her free time

Wand ~ Phoenix feather core, hazel wood,13 1/4", surprisingly swishy flexibility

Pets ~ She has a male Bush Viper named Drosera

Patronus~ Dragon

Amortentia~ her home, the woods, rain, and something she can't quite place her finger on

Favorite quote ~“She had just enough madness to make her interesting”

Favorite food ~ Ravioli, she is strangely obsessed with it as well as macarons

Favorite drink ~ Chocolate milk

Favorite color ~ greens, blues, and lavender

Favorite animal ~Phoenix

Favorite flower ~Osiria rose, turkish black rose, and blue roses (that can sometimes have a purple color)

Favorite season ~End of autumn to the beginning of spring. The leaves are falling, it snows, then the plants are reborn

story~ Dawn was born In a small town in Ireland to a family of 10, making her the 11th. Soon after her father, Colman Winters, received a letter from his dad, all the way in America, telling him he was needed for important family business. A few months later, her mother received a letter saying that the ship he was on had sunk, none were found. In anguish, Freya Winters moved to Solaris Scotland with her 9 children, The eldest only 15, the youngest barely 1. She did this In hopes of starting a new life for her and her children. This is the place where Dawn grew up, a large house on the outskirts of town near the forest, playing games in the front yard and having adventures in the back. She began lessons at a young age, the town didn't have a schoolhouse so Freya home schooled her children from ages 5-11. Even when the lessons weren't meant for her, Dawn would still sit through them, eager to learn everything she could. Her older siblings that were already at Hogwarts would come home for the summer and teach her all the spells they had learned. (with sticks not wands of course) She grew and learned fast and by the time She received her letter she could recite the first year curriculum from memory.

Hair color meanings:
crimson: angry
navy: sad
pink: flustered or embarrassed
brown: curious or confused
Black to red: brave
Orange: concerned
Yellow: playful
Purple: scared
Silver: competitive
White: pain
Platinum blond: anxious
(wont see this as much)
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