Alexander Winter

Ministry of Magic Investigator

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Name: Alexander Winter
Nicknames: Alex
Birthday: October 3rd
Gender: Male
Blood status: Half-Blood
Status: Single
Pet: Barn Owl: (Name: Misty)
Wand: Alder Wood, 10 3/4", Phoenix Feather Core, Hard Flexibility
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Fox
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Short dirty blond
Eyes: Light Blue

After graduating from Hogwarts 6 years ago with a barely passing grade (at the time I was far more interested in exploring the castle and making mischief) I set out to find my place in the wizarding world. After a few years doing odd jobs and wandering. Mostly living on the couches or in the guest rooms of friends I made along the way, I learned that I had a keen sense for investigation. I took up a small, and mostly successful small magical private investigation service in Chicago. I worked with both muggles and wizards alike (obviously keeping magic discrete around muggles) until I ran into a Ministry recruiter in a pub. I have been working at the ministry ever since, solving any magic related mysteries assigned to me.

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