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Hey Fam bam,

Name: Elliot Blaize
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor

Random facts:
[] I can lick my elbow []
[] I'm super flexible []
[] I freestyle in the car []
[] I can rap heavydirtysoul and Rap God []

∆ Spiritual maniac ∆ { By my Fam bam)
∆ Ellie ∆ { By some people }
∆ Blaize ∆ { By those type of people}
∆ Elliboo ∆ { By Rhi}
What you cannot call me under no circumstances or else I will either cringe or cry:
× Ellie Boy ×
× Bleach ×
× Master or anything related to that ×
× Drama king ×

((Off topic things))
People you should subscribe to:
Dolan Twins
Jake Paul ( Where my Jake Pauler's at?)
Logan Paul blogs ( Logang and Logangsters)
Chance and Anthony (Chantions)
{Always plug}

My music taste:
<> TØP <>
<> FOB <>
<> Random classics (not a band) <>
<> Eminem <>

HP character: Bellatrix Lestrange
HP class: Herb
Muggle class: PE
Sport: Quidditch, hockey and rugby.
Food: Pizza
Drink: Coke
Song: .........
Colour: Black, grey, navy blue.

Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Build: I don't really know.... I can't tell.
Height: 5"11

My muggle dream jobs:
~ A Paleontologist
~ An Archeologist
~ A Doctor or Lawyer
~ An Ornithologist
~ An Architect

1. Obnoxious chewing noises.
2. Bullying
3. When people ask stupid questions, example: "Do you have a bathroom?" I will literally answer back with a smartass remark.
4. Pain
5. When people spell my name wrong. My name is Elliot. ONE 'T'!!!!

My most prized possessions:
1. Family
2. LOVE <3
3. You people!!!
4. My trophies
5. Earth!!

Random tags:

Random shoutout's ( For the people who owled me about this. Lol. If you want one just tell me!! Give me a random nickname as well.)

Mr. J.T
Danni Boi
"The saviour"
Um idk (( He actually said that was his nickname))
My King
MC - T.H
Tiny Koala

Thanks if you read all the way to the bottom... You've accomplished a lot...
{( My Profile picture is not me btw)}

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