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(Younger Student) This very boy was found on a cold and dizzy morning, by a respectable man, Mr. Brackenstall who soon took Tom. Mr. Hugo Brackenstall was a man of forty that time, with burly, and muscular arms and legs, and sharp but somewhat a blunt head, as most people call him very imperceptive, (that sounds nice, since he’s bald) and he’s got the full power when on the wrestling field or sometimes good money when he’s about to purchase a new table set. He is black mostly like the CIAZ people if you ask me and it looks very nice when he wears his little russet cap in his bald head. So on that cold morning of January, in his overcoat, Hugo was strolling in Lament Avenue his home land situated in Red Cat village of Amensia. He was busy thinking about his hectic business schedule, which is not going to over until the coming Friday when he had heard the fatal cry of a small boy. He had heard that charily and understood it was coming from the Beggar Street. There on the lane, lay lots of ugly boys snoring peacefully. The king of Lobstock, Terra hates beggars. Hugo has packed much poise that the cry is coming from there. With dismay in heart , Hugo walked till he found a small baby, with brown hairs, and a pale fair face, with pasty cerulean , beautiful eyes, and it was what making that sound in that woozy morning. Feeling strange, Hugo peered into the blankets to get a better view of the small boy. Eccentrically, Hugo raised his hands to pick up the boy. He had a small son too, just like this street baby, named John and a wife, Aouda. Both of them had died of a very weird sickness called Junodise .The boy’s cry melted his heart away, and he started remembering his mature, heartbreaking moments, moments long ago forgotten, began to shiver his heart with gloominess. After his wife’s death, Hugo had opened a small restaurant ‘La Plaza’ but it’s not running well. He could still think of his son, John, whom he called Johnny. He had shared many golden moments with his family, and many poignant moments too. He could see, as if, his wife and his sixteen – year old son on the bed, dead forever. Suddenly, he felt his chest was being hammered by sorrow. Strangely, this baby looks same like his son John. Same, sapphire, moving eyes, same fair and brown hairs and the same pleased smile, the baby was showing as Hugo picked the baby up. He could see his own son’s reflection in the baby’s face, glowing with half- sadness and half-happiness.
At that time, he understood, he couldn’t let the baby away. He moved his face towards an old man sitting in a bench a little away, with lots of freckles in the face.
“Where’s this baby’s mother, do you know anything?” Hugo asked, miserably, feeling very depressed.
“Oh God!” The old man sighed. “The boy’s motherless, haven’t even got a name. No one knows anything about the boy, I can only tell you that this poor fellow was found on the road, very dirty and worn out and I took him here, I am searching for someone to take care of that, but-”
“But he’s not supposed to be here!” Hugo exclaimed loudly “He would die!”
“Yes. Of course. Only we can wait and see what future stores for this small boy.”
After that day, Hugo took the small boy and the boy and was named Tommy, and Hugo called Tom for short, and it seemed a very nice name for a boy with no last name. This might be the small history of Tom, but a major secret still lies enclosed up. (Hugo still believes he’ll find Tom’s parents anyway)
Soon Tom grew up to be strangely, too much tall almost five foot or more, and with brown hair skinny and his blue eyes were pasty than ever.
Who's Tom? Well, you already know who's it now!
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