Nesryn Morsmundi


"Dying is easy, living is harder."

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I grew up in Rome, my father a well-renowned official in the Italian Ministry of Magic and my mother a prostitute who passed away when I was seven. My father was not a kind man, and gave me no schooling, so I learned what I could from the family library. I learned English, French, and Goblin, as well as the basics of first-year magic. When I turned eleven, I received a letter from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. However, my father refused to let me go, and transferred me to Hogwarts instead. There I was sorted into Slytherin after trying to manipulate the hat into putting me in Ravenclaw. I collected 'friends', who trusted me with their lives. I did not return the sentiment. My parents both died in an explosion while visiting New York. At seventeen, I left school and took up an internship of an old Russian Dark Lady, and learned several skills from her. However, after a year, she died, and I began to do odd jobs for anyone; I would do anything for money, to keep me off the streets. I formed my own band of so called 'street-rats', and finally when I was 19, I realized that I could charge far more for what I was doing. So I did, and governments began to hire me slightly more long-term. Currently, I am working for the British Ministry of Magic; I am helping anyone within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement who needs a specialist such as myself. The ministry doesn't trust me, definitely not, but they do rely on me, as I can go places and do things that they legally cannot.


Specific Skill Set(s): Dueling, non-magic combat, curse-breaking, analyzing, occlumency
Special Skill(s): hawk animagus


When roleplaying as seventeen, the following are members of the gang of homeless "street rats" that Nesryn is the leader of.

- Ellie (7 years old)
- Christopher (12 years old)
- Jamie (9 years old)
- Blaise (13 years old)
- Mikey (9 years old)
- Tina (14 years old)
- Claire (11 years old)
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