Orion Beckett (ii)


Heyyy it's me Orion, not O-Ryan, but O-ree-an. I know, weird. Like me.

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Pure-blooded witch by the name of Orion Beckett (ii) though I usually disregard the ii. Closely related to the Flint family.

I was sorted into Slytherin nearly immediately after the hat was set on my head. Not as fast as Draco's sorting, but relatively quick compared to the others. I quite enjoy being in Slytherin, even if others think we are evil, it gives us alone time, which is quite enjoyable.

I enjoy the classes of Astronomy, Potions, Defense against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration. I wish to become an author for Flourish and Blotts when I have finished my schooling.

Being a Pure-blood is great. We get respect everywhere and it's nice knowing there are no filthy Muggles in your family tree.

My family is amazing. My mum's name is Cassiopeia, Cass for short, and my dad's name is Pyxis. I have 2 wonderful older brothers, Cygnus and Leo, an older sister named Borealis and 3 little sisters called Carina, Lyra, and Hydra. We are all named after constellations, as the sky is a wonderful place and it has become a tradition through the years.

All of my siblings including me have 2 pets and we also have 1 family pet, meaning there are 15 animals living in the Manor. I have a white cat, with heterochromia, meaning he has 2 different colored eyes.One eye is green and the other blue. His name is Lynx and I have a white barn owl named Ara. The family pet is a dog named Crater. He's a Siberian Husky with heterochromia. He has one brown and one blue eye.

My wand is 11 3/4 inches, ebony wood, liquid boomslang venom core, and supple flexibility. The ebony wood combined with the boomslang venom make for a great Transfiguration wand.

Being very closely related to the Flint family has given me some traits which some would think bad in cases. Confidence to stick up for myself, a slight evil twinge, even a smirk with a glint in the eyes which could haunt anyone for months. I just disregard anyone who thinks I'm "too evil for their tastes", as I have heard many times before.

I love to play Quidditch in the back garden of the Beckett Manor with my siblings. All of us have Firebolts, being completely rich of course. I usually play the role of Seeker, but occasionally take on Keeper.

All in all, magic is great, like me, and I plan to use it mainly for good. Even if my parents were Death Eaters that evaded capture, I mostly don't wish to follow in their footsteps. . . unless it brings me good. Then I will.
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