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Talysa has always been an ordinary girl born into a muggle family, living in the Netherlands. She had her whole future completely planned out. Never would she have expected to get two letters by owl on one day, from different wizarding schools.

She was watching tv in her living room, enjoying her saturday. Until her dog started barking extremely loud at he window. It had clearly seen something scary that did not belong there. The then eleven year old girl stood up annoyed, to see what was going on. When she opened the door next to the window the dog had been barking at, she could not believe what she saw. There were two owls - a snow owl and a barn owl - fighting each other. Both had a letter tied to their left paw. Talysa froze in place. The snow owl landed on her left shoulder, while the barn owl landed on the ground in front of her. The girl heard steps coming from inside of the house, and her mother stepped out, a surprised look on her face. "Talysa, what are you waiting for? I think the letters are for you! Take the letters off and bring them inside, while I give those owls some water and something they could eat.

After the whole family had read both letters, they had to decide to which letter they should listen. The one was from a wizarding school near France called 'Beauxbatons' while the other was from one in the United Kingdom called 'Hogwarts'. Talysa's mum had told her that her grandmother had apparantly received a letter too when she was eleven, from Hogwarts. She lived in England back then, so for her it was no problem. But Talysa lived in the Netherlands, which was a lot further away. She had to decide between a school that was closer but which she had never heard of, or a school which was further away where her grandmother had gone also. Talysa was good in making decisions, so it didn't take her long.

When they had sent a letter back to Hogwarts, Talysa was excited, confused, and sad at the same time. Excited because she was gonna start a brand new adventure. Confused, because she just couldn't get herself to understand what was so special about her and why she had received a letter from both schools. And finally sad, because she would lose all her friends, and her whole future-plan wouldn't be able to work. But she was an optimistic and positive girl, so the first feeling was the strongest.

General Information & Appearance:

Wand: Larch wood with a Dragon heartstring core 9 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
Patronus: Husky
Animagus form: None yet. McGonagall has agreed to help her with it later though.
Hair: Light brown, slightly wavy, messy, chin length
Eyes: One brown eye and one blue eye
Relationship status: Not in a relationship
Pet: A black (no one knows why) half-Kneazle kitten called Hollyhock

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