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I'm the one who sits next to you in Azkaban and says: ``That was fun!``

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Allie Elizabeth Onyx, Daughter of Oliver Prewett and Euphumia Onyx. Sister To Taliah,Haliee,Haliey,Tyson, and Tyler Onyx. At 7 Years Old, her father and mother sat down and told them they were wizards. The family decided to send each family member to a different school. The Boys to Dumstrang, Haliey and Hallie to Beauxboxns, and Taliah went no where because she was a squib. Afraid they'd shun her, Taliah ran to Allie for help. Talliah took Allie's advice and told them, they kept Taliah as their daughter, they even bought her a PigmyPuff and a Firebolt 2000. Anyways, when Allie turned eleven, she was excited to get her letter and studied every single book on every single course in Hogwarts.

Now she is a smart, witty, slytherin. Watch out, she may become Sassy Allie if you mess with her. She's the witty, strong type, mess with her and you'll be walking funny for a month.

Her childhood was pretty average. She went to a british elementary school up until she turned eleven. At that elementary. (Oxe Elementary) she had 2 close muggle friends. Tessa and Emily, they played, ate, and even got hurt together. Until, Allie moved away to a 'Boarding School'. They still talk using mail, but she will always miss talking to them face to face.

She plans to be a Auror or a Professor when she grows up,maybe she will achieve that dream. Who knows? Only the future awaits her. Just to make sure she gets all O's, she's signed up for every single class except for some, and studies 24/7.

Updated Stuff;
Allie now is kinda edgy and more out there. After a long break, she's ready to break see and turn over a new leaf.

Meet her and find more about her, who knows what secrets she's hiding under those smiles.
**Pure Blood**

Roleplaying Names:
Allie Onyx (Pure-Blood)
Daisy Snape (Half-Blood)
Lilly Mcgonogall (Pure-Blood)
Arabella Prince (Pure-Blood)
Bella Snape (Muggle-Born)
Selena Snape (Half-Blood)

Backstory of:
Daisy Snape

Daisy Snape Is the daughter of Severus S. Snape and Tayrgen Drage (OC).
She grew up In Spinners End, a muggle community, with her father, until she came to Hogwarts.
Daisy was homeschooled until Hogwarts and never really ventured Into the outside world.
Her best subject Is Defense Against The Dark Arts and Is highly associated with the oldest types of Dark Arts, such as, Binding Rituals, Making Old Spells, and Controlling The Elements. (BR, MOS, CTE) Taygren Drage Is a distant cousin to the Gaunts and Is a Pure-Blood. Daisy Is a werewolf due to her accidentally being bit by her godfather, Remus Lupin, when she was adventuring In the woods near her house at age 6. Thus, her hesitation to go outside.

Backstory of:
Lilly Mcgonogall

Lilly Mcgonogall was left on the steps of Minvera Mcgonogalls quaint riverside cottage In Scotland. She was left with the name of 'Lilly'. On the letter was, 'Take care of Lilly, she Is the last of our family left.' no name was signed but the note was nailed onto Lilly's wall, as a reminder of her mother. Lilly took the last name Mcgonogall and Is Half-Veela.
Lilly's best subject Is Transfiguration and wishes to live up to be just like Minvera. Lilly can often be seen hanging around her 'Uncles' Malcom and Robert Mcgonogall. (They're actually Mcgonogalls real siblings, check It out on Harry Potter wiki.) She loves hearing stories about Elphinstone Urquhart, Minvera's late husband. Lilly also loves hanging out with her 'cousins', who are the children of Malcom and Robert, they attend Hogwarts along with Lilly. (Lilly Is one year above Harry Potter.)
Malcom's Twins: Elliot (12) Ellia (12)
Robert's Daughter: Isobel (16)

Elliot and Ellia are super smart, their strong spot Is Transfiguration. Both are In Ravenclaw.
Isobel is super tough and her strong spot Is D.A.D.A. She doesn't pick fight often, but will If you mess with her or her family or friends. Isobel Is In Hufflepuff.

Backstory of:
Arabella Prince

Arabella Prince Is the aunt of Severus Snape. Eileen Snape, Severus mother, and Arabella's sister, had always been jealous of Arabella's skill In magic. As Eileen was not very good at magic, to get rid of Arabella, she sent Arabella back In time using a time turner. Arabella traveled through many era's of time, but, she stopped at 1991, the year Harry Potter came to Hogwarts. She goes to classes, but Is not known to the Wizarding World as 'The Girl Who Traveled Through Time'. Arabella resides with her Nephew, Severus Snape, as she Is only, technically, a 15 year old. Arebella has no trace on her as she Is marked as DEAD. Eileen's guilt stayed with her.

Backstory of:
Bella Snape

Bella Snape, a muggle-born, sister to Tobias Snape, and aunt of Severus Snape has been sent In time by her jealous muggle brother, Tobias. She traveled through time to the year that Severus was In school. She protects Severus from James Potter and his 'goonies' as she calls them. She usually can be find yelling the following to James Potter and his 'goonies', "HEY! LEAVE MY NEPH-COUSIN ALONE!" "WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?" "SCRAM, BEFORE I FEED YOU A KNUCKLE SANDWICH!" "I'M GIVING YOU TIL' THREE TO RUN." Bella Is very childish but can be tough, she's got her friends and families backs. She sometimes changes her appearance to Lily's appearance when Severus Is sad and Lilly's not around. Her metamorphous skills comes In handy a lot.

Backstory of:
Selena Snape

Selena Snape, twin of Severus Snape attends Hogwarts with Severus. She can usually be seen fighting with James Potter and his friends or getting Into detention for fighting them. Selena Is very protective of her little brother, by 5 minutes. She Is great friends with Lilly Evans and has a secret crush on Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin and her don't exactly hate each other as Remus doesn't hurt Severus, they often study together, work on homework together, work In class together, or talk when seeing each other In the halls.

Alright, that's It for my other OC'S :)

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