Zachary Oliver


I am a die-hard Ravenclaw, and hope to be a Beater on the Quidditch team.

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(Valedictorian) A little less than a year ago, my Hogwarts letter arrived. I had already known my letter would arrive, as my father was a wizard. I say "was a wizard" because, well, he passed away when I was four. My mother's a muggle, but she's fully embraced magical life. Our family owns a little cafe about a block from Ollivander's called "Corner Coffee," and we live in a cramped flat above the shop. Despite the size of our apartment, we are not "poor." We are always able to afford food, clothes, and the supplies for Hogwarts without having to fear a lack of money. I have a little sister, who is not in Hogwarts yet, but in three years, she'll be here with me, and she is probably to be a Ravenclaw too, it is our blood. The Sorting Hat immediately knew which house I was to be in.

I have almost perfect grades. I am, as my professors put it, a genius. Well, not completely. I'm not great at Astronomy, but, to be fair, the teacher repeats himself and the class is all-around annoying and boring. I find myself practicing wand movements under the table while he explains how the Sagittarius star constellation for the seventh time. In fact, that is the only class I choose not to go to for extra, more advanced classes. On the contrary, I absolutely adore every other class. Technically, I could graduate 2 years early if I decided to do extra Astronomy classes and took my N.E.W.Ts and O.W.Ls early, but it turns out I would require a time-turner if I took up more extra classes, and I hate Astronomy, so I will just graduate with everyone else, which I don't mind doing, as Hogwarts is awesome.

My greatest strength is my brains, of course. I am top of the class in almost all of my subjects. Well, you could say my weakness is my "high standards." I am very particular when choosing friends. Before Hogwarts, it was very difficult for me to find friends.

When I finish school, I will be an Auror. Surprising, isn't it? A valedictorian to be an auror. I am extremely good at spells and incantations, so why not? Everyone says I should be some type of scientist or philosopher, but those careers sound awfully boring (not trying to offend anyone).

I have one pet, a boisterous barn owl named Olly, after my family's last name. He is two years old, and MASSIVE. It was hard to fit his specially-made cage into the Hogwarts Express.

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