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After Harry Potter

Basic Information

Full name: Coraline Aubrey
Nickname: Amber, Baguette-face (only used as an insult by a couple of Gryffindor kids)
Sex: Female
Species: Human/witch
Date of birth: June 19th
Country of origin: France, but family emigrated from Africa
Blood status: Muggle-born
Wand: Black walnut, Thunderbird tail feather core, 9 inches


Hair colour: Chocolate brown with amber tones
Hair style: Messy bun/long, fluffy curls
Eye colour: Very dark, almost black
Skin tone: Dark to caramel
Height: Very short
Weight: Skinny to chubby
Clothing style: Turtlenecks with short skirts in autumn colours/Tank tops with skinny jeans
Accessories: Braided bracelets, knee-high socks with pastel pink stripes, black nail polish, (sometimes) slick, red reading glasses
Other distinguishing features: Long eyelashes


Traits: Introverted, sassy, perfectionist, maladaptive daydreamer
Likes: Pigeons, dark colours, turtlenecks, nail polish, her hair, extroverts, daisies, smell of ink
Dislikes: Romantic comedies, easily manipulated people, yellow, cows, watermelon, milk chocolate
Good at: Quidditch, Astronomy, Herbology, History of Magic, coming up with comebacks
Bad at: Charms, Alchemy, working under pressure, paying attention to classes, explaining stuff
Hobbies: Daydreaming, writing
Fears: Dark Arts, planes, death, vastness of space, losing the ability to write (somehow)
Ambition: Probably becoming a writer or a famous Quidditch player


Father: Gabrielle Aubrey (french)
Mother: Mirembe Aubrey (african)
Sibling: Jacques Aubrey (little brother, not a wizard)
Paternal grandparents: Dead
Maternal grandparents: Dead
Uncles: None
Aunts: Adele Aubrey (paternal)
Cousins: None
Pet: None
Family home: A fancy and colourful flat full of plants in Paris. It's placed next to a grocery store and a bookshop.
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Social standing: Favourable.
Family background: Coraline's family is a moderatly-rich family living in France, Paris. Her mother was originally from a city in Africa. She met her husband in her home town when he was on a bussines trip. They fell in love and decided to leave and get married in France, his country. Coraline's mother is a lawyer, a successful one at that. Her father is a business man. Coraline's little brother, Jacques, is 10 and studies at a private school.

Individual magic

Wand reaction when first held: A small tingle at the top of her fingers and small snowflakes falling from her wand
Boggart: A plane she's on crashing. When she's 21, it changes to her practicing Dark spells
Patronus: A small Andean Bear.
Animagus: None.
Polyjuice: Orange with black swirl. It emanates yellow light, much like the Lumos spell.
Amortentia: Fresh ink, new books and nail polish.


Coraline's early childhood was quite forgettable, not to be confused with "horrible" or "boring". She lived in luxury and happiness, and she probably had a lot of fun, she just doesn't really remember. Anyway, she never really thought she was special or "different". She didn't notice anything. Or, maybe she did, but dismissed it. However, when her 11th birthday approached, she started noticing weird stuff. Such as accidentally lighting things on fire, moving stuff without touching it, making things disappear when angry. Of course, on her 11th birthday, she got a letter saying she was not only a witch, but also accepted to Hogwarts.

Years at Hogwarts

First year
Sorted into: Ravenclaw
Best subject: Herbology and Astronomy
Favourite subject: Herbology and Astronomy
Least favourite subject: Charms.
Friends: None. Occasionally chatted with some kids.
Christmas holiday: Stood at Hogwarts. Was too lazy to travel back to France.
Other: Literally nobody, except the teachers and headmistress, knew who she was.
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