Claire Stucky

Quidditch Player, Student

Violinist, Artist, Swimmer, Slytherin Quidditch Seeker, shy awkward bundle of joy :) (Carl Grimes is MINE, but if you like the character too, das ok)

  • Joined April 2017
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 61 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


I'm one of those quiet Slytherins that like to get to know people, but also am an introvert, meaning when I'm alone, I am most happy. I'm not always like that, it's just that all Introverts would know what I mean when I say, "Re-Charge". In 4th Grade, I was severely bullied because of my size. My bullies manipulated me and shoved me in a closet so that I couldn't have any lunch. Then, in Middle-School, my friends turned on me to become an "Actress" when she was only in one play. Then next year, I got a part when she was put in crew. Same with the next year. But during those years, she got jealous of me. She told lies about me, making me have to go and find new friends. My old friends now realize that I wasn't lying and I still am able to talk with them. The girl who was jealous of me is trying to bring our relationship back together, but that's going to take some time to heal. That's why I have trust issues. But, since I have came on to here, I have been able to be myself and be the happy Slytherin I can be. I've been called a Hufflepuff by some new friends at my new school. But I am NOTHING like a Hufflepuff. Sure, I can be innocent, but I use sarcasm in my voice and I have a short-temper. I also have a large mind and imagination. My main house is Slytherin, but if I didn't get sorted into Slytherin, I would probably be a Ravenclaw. But I'm a proud Slytherin and trying to write a new chapter in my story.
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