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I'm a new graduate of Hogwarts, in Slytherin House. I was awarded Prefect and Head Girl in my time there, and well-liked by all. Today, I stand as one of the Ministry's Animagus Trackers, finding and catching the unregistered ones and checking on the others. It's somewhat like being an Auror (you need the same qualifications) but I get paid about 400 Galleons a month. That's less than Hit Wizards, but it's still money rolling in the bank! One of my talents is that I am a registered Animagus (a Screech Owl) so I can identify Animagi quicker, knowing what it's like to be one. I'm not yet married, but I live in a nice home by the sea. All of my neighbors are half- or purebloods, and there actually aren't any Muggles in a 50-mile radius, so we don't worry too much about Muggles seeing us perform maybe a bit of magic on our garden flowers or something else. I tried Quidditch, but I just don't seem to have the same talent as my father, who played for the Appleby Arrows before moving here. As a pureblood, you might expect me to be all uptight, stuffy-nosed, and a Muggle-hater, but I'm not. I do prefer marrying a wizard so I don't have to lock my wand away until I tell him, but it doesn't matter— too much.
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