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I've been sorted into Gryffindor and I guess thats good? Wonder what district 12 would think about that.Im apparently brave,(not really a shocker)but I'm not really sure what to think of this place.Ghosts?Talking portraits?I'll miss my family, no doubt about that, but this place seems pretty cool.I wonder what Prim would think of this.Also the talking hat kinda freaked me out.I liked Professor Hooch's class quite a lot, quidditch sounds cool, and it would be great to be on the Gryffindors quidditch team, they apparently always win. I can't say I enjoy potions class, and I'm not the best, but I'm by far not the worst. I'm a muggleborn,(is that what they call them?) but I honestly don't think any of that matters, I mean, only the Slytherins care, and everyone knows not to trust their opinions .My strengths are the common strengths of a Gryffindor, loyal,brave, and all that stuff.I dunno what my greatest weakness is, but I'm sure it'll come to me soon enough, can't say that I'm that fond of spiders though. I hope to be a professional quidditch player one day, the sport is much more...unbarbaric than the Hunger Games .I haven't graduated yet, I'm a first year,but I'll be excited to get out of school and see my family, maybe even stop the whole Hunger Game stuff with all the magic power and stuff. I can't even believe my luck, getting out of the hunger games to go to magic school!My pet owl keeps bitting me though...
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