Aylin Bue

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Name: Aylin Marie Bue
Age: 16

Wand: She does not have a wand, she is able to use wandless magic.

Abilities: .....

Aylin rarely speaks but she never speaks of her background. She was born the youngest of 6, her mother dying at birth leading her father to slowly turn against the youngest of his family. Her siblings followed her father, slowly all of them started to ignore her. She lived like this for 15 years, so she rarely spoke to people, when she did speak her voice was so rusty with disuse she had adapted a stutter. Upon recieving her Hogwarts letter she was both confused and relieved, she was almost positive not a single person form her family was of wizard blood, regardless she ran up to her little attic room, packed what little clothing she had in her bag and ran. She ran, feeling the large locket she had since birth slam against her chest; she ran and ran, eventually finding the train and finally relaxing, getting the first good dream she has had for years upon resting in the train.

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