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(Younger Student) I was raised by my uncle Balsazar. He was an Auror but retired when my mother died as he was my only relative and he realised that with the dangers of his work he wouldn't be able to raise me very well. For a while he taught defence against the dark arts at various magical schools around the world so we had to move around a lot. Then he went into research so we would travel to remote magical communities to learn about how they work magic. It's only really the developed world that use wants, many other communities either develop their wandless magic or have a greater focus on magical ingredients.
My uncle is a half and half and so has always had a very healthy regard for both muggle and magical education so from even my youngest memories he has encouraged learning both magical and muggle studies, so now that I've gone to Hogwarts, my uncle sends homeschooling muggle school activities. It's challenging to keep up with all the work but I feel as though by learning scientific study and asking my uncle and his research friends questions, I get to have a better understanding of why magic works the way it does whereas a lot of my magical learning is based around how to achieve specific outcomes.
I was a bit of a hatstall, the sorting hat thought I would do well in Ravenclaw, but I think it realised how my motivation wasn't wisdom but loyalty and helping people.
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