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My name is Vanessa Mist Conners. I am a Gryffindor.I was placed there because i have Gryffindor qualifications.I was a hatstall because the hat wanted me in Ravenclaw,but i pleaded for it to place me in Gryffindor. I love Care of Magical Creatures and it is my absolute best subject.I hate History of Magic and am not very good at it,but still manage to pass.I do well at Charms,Transfiguration,and Potions but don't love them.I am a half-blood and apparently my father and his side were and are well known aurors and have left me quite alot of money.My mum never told me i was a witch,but rather ignored that i have magical blood in me and left out the fact i would receive a Hogwarts mum told me that when i was 1,Voldemort,yes i am not afraid to say it, has killed many of her friends and even family,In fact,my father was in the Order of the Phoenix but died at the hands of Voldemort on a mission a few nights before Halloween. My greatest strength is my bravery,wit,and undying love and protectiveness of my family and friends.I am related to Sirius Black and personally believe he shouldn't be locked away in Azkaban because the story the prophet released seems like a load of dung bombs to me and my mum.My weaknesses are that i'm stubborn and hot tempered.After school,becoming a caretaker for magical creatures,a hogwarts teacher,or a breeder seem like good choices.The most fascinating aspects of magic are the spells and creatures in this hidden world.I want to use my magic to help others and care for numerous creatures.If i'm being honest,i really want to help people and change the world somehow.I have a pet owl named Luna and she is a beautiful snow white owl.She is playful and is quick to love or hate.Something cool about me is that i'm a veela and my family is smaller than what i would like.My family relationships are pretty good and i love my friends and family with all my heart. I'm good friends with the golden trio,the silver trio and even Draco.
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