Lance Sanchez

Student, Animagus

kick ass, go to space, represent the human race

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Personal Information:
- Height: 5'8"
- Weight: 147.3 lbs.
- Appearance: Lanky but muscled (think swimmer), lightly tanned, small amount of freckles across nose and larger clusters on shoulders; brown hair with lighter, natural highlights; blue eyes.
- Sexuality: aromantic/asexual
- Gender Identity: fluid, nonbinary (they/them, but he/him for rps if it's easier)

· Wand: ebony wood, unicorn hair core, 12&1/4 inches, slightly springy
· Patronus: st. bernard
· Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
- it was a hatstall with Hufflepuff.
- they chose Ravenclaw because they have something to prove (that they're not an idiot like they've been told)
· Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
- they never attended, but this is the house they would've ended up in

Random Stuff That Might Be Useful *read for rps*:

- bilingual, tends to switch when anxious or pissed
- (or excited. Any strong emotion does it, really.)

- has odd touching habits
- doesn't mind initiating, but if someone makes contact first they're lost and has no idea what to do
- Yes. It's weird. Accept it. Move on.

- Gets attached quickly, makes a point to pretend that they don't
- is therefore slightly clingy.

- Sarcastic™
- despite this, fails to pick up on others sarcasm on occasion
- takes things too personally

- People Pleaser

- low self-esteem (no one must ever know ever)

- social anxiety makes them overcompensate when trying to be likeable
- comes off as immature and annoying

- seems stupid, but is actually really intelligent
- gives good advice, knows how people tick, emotionally intelligent

- competitive, but not really combatant.

| more to be added later |
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