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My name is Atalanta Black. No, I am not Sirius Black's daughter. Just a decendant of the Black Family Line. I was sorted into Gryffindor, though I don't quite know why. I believe it's because although I was most likely going to be sorted into Ravenclaw, I wanted to be in Gryffindor. The decision took the hat time, until I thought hard that I wanted to be a Gryffindor. I like Potions, DADA and Care of Magical Creatures the most. I've just always loved them, most likely because I excelled in them. History of Magic on the other hand, not so good. I found it boring and plain, considering I don't like remembering names and years. I did well in transfiguration, though I didn't find it fun nor extremely boring. I'm a pure blood, though I never knew until I found out who her biological parents were in the first place. My blood status has almost never affected me in the wizarding world, since I've almost never brought it up or cared about it. When Voldemort, yes I said Voldemort, rose to power, I stood by Hogwarts' side and fought in every battle. I spied the best I could and had my servants, who chose to, fight along side me. Although I lost some of my most loyal servants and friends in that battle, I regret nothing. I tend to be known as a strong leader, somewhat brave, witty, serious at times, tough and kind, though she doesn't always show it. My greatest weakness is that I look in the past. I had a sad and painful life, and my eyes will water if I think about it. I plan on becoming a Quidditch player or auror when I graduate. The most fascinating aspect of magic, to me, is how science can't explain it. It's unpredictable. I wish to use magic in benefit for both me and others, rather than mainly one or another. All I truly want is to be with Ciel again. Ciel is who raised me since I was an infant. I have a pet Hippogriff and a stable filled with Pegasi. The Hippogriff's name is Wildus (pronounced While-dus [like dust with no t]), though she nicknames him Wild. He's very warm and kind hearted, yet is a showoff at times, and like his name says, wild. As a baby, my parents were killed, though forgot to kill her. Ciel found me somehow in the forest one day, when he was 16, and raised me. He helped find my identity, and turned out that I was the child of billionaires, more like trillionaires. She then lived in the mansion which consisted of acres of land and gardens with beautiful plants and flowers. When I was almost 16, over the summer, we were at a mountain in Ireland, hiking (because I wanted to go hiking), a dragon attacked and killed him. I always blamed his death on myself. I now live alone, with servants and maids, but without Ciel Lockard, I feel so alone. I can also turn into a Fox and have the patronus of one too.
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