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I was born on the nineteenth of September, the same day as the famous Hermione Granger. How exciting! I was a muggle-born and when I had received my letter as well as a professor coming to take me around Diagon Alley, I had positively flashed to the books.

They had assumed me to be a Ravenclaw from the happy smile I had.

They were wrong.

The smile was that of a queen seeing a new world to be conquered.

I had devoured 'Hogwarts, A History', as well as our other texts that had been set for First Year and had acquired my wand, a 14 1/2 inch in aspen, with a dragon heartstring core. My mother had seen fit to purchase me a pink bred wampus who had become my familiar. Her name was Echo.

I was sorted into Slytherin very, very quickly, my best subject being Defence Against The Dark arts. My least favourite subject was Herbology, as I found it to be a bore.

Being muggle-born, the pure-blood's tried to lord their status over me. Unfortunately, I had been diligent and when they had attempted to curse me with a Jelly Legs Curse I had responded quickly. I was always a quick draw, a talented dueller and I cannot deny I had a leaning towards the Dark Arts. I want knowledge to further my capabilities. I won't be squashed down. That's why I became an unspeakable.

I dislike talking about my family or much to my friends which made it the perfect job.

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