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Name: Eric L. Cormin (His mother calls him Rico, though he doesn't enjoy being called that by anyone other than her.)

Wand: Aspen wood with Phoenix Feather core, 10", and Slightly Yielding Flexibility

Patronus: Nightjar

Personality: Eric is quite talkative and has a tendency to be rather headstrong in his beliefs. Although he is lazy, he still manages to excel academically due to the impending pressure that he receives from his scholarly parents. Rather persuasive, he has a way of getting what he wants, his true Slytherin tendencies shining through.

Appearance: Eric has tanned skin and lightly flushed cheeks. His hair is dark, and he wears it swept over his eyes, one of which is blue, and the other brown (heterochromia). He has a wide, dimpled smile. You can sometimes spot Eric donning a colorful flower crown. He has a thin, lanky build, and stands around 5' 5" at the moment.

Family: Eric was born in the busy city of Santo André in São Paolo. The first few years of his life were spent in Brazil with his grandpapa, a muggle archaeologist, and his mother, Carmila Santos, a talented muggle-born witch that had attended Castelobruxo, though his family quickly moved to London, where his father, Laurence Cormin, was residing. His father met his Carmila on an exchange trip, a hopeless romantic falling in love with the stubborn Brazilian girl, and after many letters overseas and attempts at wooing Carmila, Laurence finally won her over. After getting married in London, and living happily together, Carmila, now pregnant, went back to Santo André to care for her father, that had fallen ill. Fortunately, his grandfather recovered and is now in good health, though Carmila remained weakened by a tough pregnancy. After Eric's third birthday, Carmila made the decision to reunite with Laurence, and bring Eric up in London. Ever since, a trace of a Brazilian accent remains in Eric's words.


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- one-on-one is easiest to manage
- thought out and detailed responses

- don't be a bigot, please

- decent grammar and spelling is greatly appreciated

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Eric ruffled his hair with his hands, trying to stifle a yawn but unfortunately failing. With a small huff, he walked into the Great Hall, clutching his satchel's strap and plopping down in his seat. He opened his satchel and drowsily took out a book and began to read, taking a few bites of his food every now and then. 

He had fallen asleep reading this, though he still needed to finish it. 'Who needs sleep anyways?' he thought. With a sigh, Eric rubbed his eyes, trying to hide the fact that he had gotten little sleep the night before. After taking another hasty bite of food, he flipped a page briskly, his eyes hungrily scanning the pages. 

"I swear this story will be the end of me," he muttered, when to his surprise, he heard someone plop next to him. Not even bothering to look up, he gave the person a curt nod in greeting.
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