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I grew up in a big family as the oldest out of six siblings. Both parents are pure-bloods that come from wealthy, respectful families. They met when my father, the heir to a very known Italian house, transferred to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. My mother was in Ravenclaw, they met at one of Professor Slughorn's parties. From their fifth year on, they stayed together. After Hogwarts, they got married, a marriage that was the highlight of The Daily Prophet's for about a week at least. They wanted a big family, even against their families' wishes, and they had one.

I wasn't sorted into Slytherin, nor was I sorted into Ravenclaw. Either way, my father didn't mind one bit that I became a part of the Lions. Just like my mother, I leaned towards DADA and wasn't so fond of Herbology. I actually liked Transfiguration, but it was a bit hard for me to learn it.

My parents were great friends of Headmaster Dumbledore until the day they found out he was stealing from us, and also secretly feeding me love potions so I would want to be with the daughter of one of his biggest supporters.

My family backed away immediately, we went into hiding, but eventually my father became a Death Eater, joining the Dark Lord's ranks.

He was killed during the Hogwarts' Battle by Harry Potter. We fled, my mother, my siblings and I. Settled down in Brazil, far away from Scotland. My mother fell ill, and at 13 years old, I was forced upon the responsibility of taking care of my five siblings, the youngest being only five years old.

It was then that our savior came in. My uncle, Giovanni. He had always been close to my father, and was actually very fond of me and my family. He took us back to Italy, where we began our life in Rome, living in his large mansion. I wanted to continue my studies, but only in Hogwarts. So my uncle helped me.

He had some old friends living in London. They offered to take me in until I graduated. The moment the transfer was complete, I repeated third year, but as Lucas Montgomery instead of Gianluca Salvatore.
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