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When I got in my Hogwarts letter I was in shock. I thought it must be a joke! I truly only believed it when a professor showed up at my house explaining to my parents and I that magic really WAS real. I was quite the hallstall, everyone was practically asleep by the time I was sorted. I enjoy all of my classes, but I find charms and defense against the dark arts particularly enjoyable. Though I must admit the history of magic gets a bit boring at times. I am a muggleborn, my dad and my mom are both muggles. I was just a baby when He-who-must-not-be-named rose for the second time, so I do not remember it well. My strength is problem solving, and my weakness is study habits. I want to be an Auror after I finish school. I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is its unpredictability.I prefer to use magic to help others. I have an owl named Willow, and she is very sweet. I am so happy I was chosen for Hogwarts, the wizarding world is amazing!

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