Aspen Krauss


The galaxy is infinite, but the human mind is intricate.

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Appearence: Aspen has dark, thin brown hair with light bangs which are just under her eyebrows and the length of her hair stops around the bottom of her back She has a very small figure, and is quite petite. She has pale blue eyes, with flecks of green and has very long eyelashes.

Personality: Aspen is a very polite person when she first meets someone, or when she is around someone that she admires. Though, once she is familiar with someone, she will allow her true motherly nature to show. She cares very much for those around her, even if she doesn't know someone very well she will still care. She has patience with those around her and doesn't decieve anyone as she is very loyal.

Family life and relations: In Aspen's family, there are no muggles. Every one of her family members had attended Hogwarts to practice their magic, and learn so much beyond their capabilities. Her family consists of: her mother, her father, and her older brother who had once attented Hogwards but had dropped out at his 5th year because of his mental complications. A few of her family members always speculated that because he was placed into the Slytherin house that his mind had been corrupted, however; herself, her mother and her father along with a few other family members hadn't believed that to be true.

House: Aspen was placed into the Hufflepuff house not immediately, because of her intellegence and wit, she was almost placed into the Ravenclaw house. Though, because of her undying care, loyalty and dedication to those around her, she was placed into the Hufflepuff house along with her best friend Ara.

Classes: Aspen's classes consist of (for now at least): Herbology and Defense Against the Dark Arts

Best Friend: Ara Krisin <3
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