Nesaerya Dawnwaters

Travelling Witch

I grew up in Africa, and visited 6 of the different magical schools around the world. I love to travel, and finished my 6th year at Hogwarts.

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"Hey, my name is Nesaerya Dawnwaters. I have travelled all over the world and visited the best wizarding schools. My mom died when I was very young, and I don't even remember her. My dad- I have no idea who he is.

I grew up in Africa, where I believed to be a normal Muggle, until I got a Dream Message from Uagadou School of Magic. I inquired about my real parents, but they found no trace of them anywhere. It was as if they had never existed. But I didn't give up hope. I then visited the biggest Wizarding in the world school for one year. In Uagadou I learned a bit about wandless magic. I befriended some witches and wizards, but after I successfully completed that year, I left to Brazil.

In Brazil Castelobruxo offered me an internship and I accepted. I liked visiting these different schools, and was interested to learn many different places, types of magic and languages! In Castelobruxo I learned a lot about Herbology and Magical Creatures. I also got my first wand here, since I had been using wandless magic in Uagadou. Sadly no one knew anything about my family here either. I stayed in contact with my friends from Uagadou, by Dream messaging. Another skill that I had learned there. After I completed the year, I decided to move on and go to Europe. I thaught my friends there how to dream message me.

In Europe I visited Beauxbatons for my 3rd year. Beauxbatons needed a bit more to convince them that I could go to their school. When I wanted to know more about my parents and family, they said that it would have been purebloods. They also said, that they were pretty sure, that I was born in Europe, and then later somehow gotten to Africa. By now I was offially on the search for my parents. And visiting different magical schools every year. But I was not homesick- I never really had a home. If the deffinition of home is family. I learned Charms and to be graceful. I also learned how to deceive and lie. In this year I specialized in Charms and Illusional Magic. This was also the first country and time that I had seen snow. But overall I thought of Beauxbatons as too neat and orderly. Although the magic that was taught here was pretty good, I did not really befirend any students and I was glad of the dream messages- my friends were better than at this school. I was, what you would call 'glad' to move back to america.

In my fourth year I went to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This School was quite new in comparison to Uagadou. Here I had the choice of either going into the house of the Horned Serpent, or Thunderbird. It was said that Thunderbird favoured adventures, while the Horned Serpent favoured Scholars. I chose Horned Serpent, the house of the Ilvermorny founder- Isolt Sayre. I felt a strange connection with her... But found nothing here about my parents. It was soon after, that I found the wand of Salazar Slytherin, that Isolt had hidden here. As it was, a great horned serpent was guarding it, but let me pass, since a) I was in it's house, and b) I apparently was worthy of it. My Magic afterwards was better, having the wand of a brilliant wizard. I continued to stay in touch with my friends and taught my new ones how to dream message.

In my fifth year Drumstrange Institute of Magic accepted me into their school. I gladly accepted, and was soon fitting in. I loved the classes here, especially those were we could do combat magic. I learned Legilimency an Occulimency among other curses, hexes and jinxes. But from all the Magic I learned barley learned anything about my parents and family. They suspected that they were some powerful wizards, and agreed with Beauxbatons theory, that I was a pureblood. Or at least had to magical parents who were not muggle-borns. The students here were more brutal here, and there were not that many girls. But I earned the boys respect with the knowledge I had collected throughout my years travelling. Especially my wandless magic. I befriended mostly boys, and also a few girls who were pretty badass, but nice. They soon too knew how to dream message me. My friends in Uagadou have kept me up to date on what they were currently learning in Wandless magic, and I practiced mine and made it better. One of my friends there- Evanlina, came from Scotland, and visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She recommended this school to me, knowing my love to travel.

In Scotland, I indeed got accepted after having talked with Dumbledore and him agreeing to put me into the 6th year. A lot of attention, I noticed, was drawn to a 4th year boy, called Harry Potter. I thought he was a complete idiot, and an attention seeking brat. I shared this view with Serverus Snape, the potions Master, and Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince. Professor Snape became my favourite Professor, and taught me a lot about Potions. I became pretty good, and interested in them. I even got so close to him, so that I figured out why he hated Potter so much. He was also head of my house- Slytherin. I also started to learn how to apperate/ disapperate.
This year The Triwizard Turnament was being held. And I saw some of my friends of Drumstrang and some of the people that I had met in Beauxbatons. I could not apply for the tounament myself, since I did not truly belong to any school.
But I wasn't too dissapointed. Because (using Legilimency) I found out that Dumbleore did know a bit about my past. Only he didn't want to say it, in case I wanted to do something not-so-wise. In other words, he was scared. Whoever my father was, Dumbledore didn't want me to meet him. He thought I was to powerful, with my knowledge from magic all over the world. All he told me (or thought he told me) was that my father was dead.
At the third task of the Triwizard Tournament I was somehow called deep into the maze, and met my father, as he was being re-born. Yes indeed, my father is the powerful Dark Wizards Lord Voldemort. He did not tell me who my mother was, but told me that she had died. Or rather, she was murdered. By a Member of the Order of the Pheonix. A Rebellion against Voldemort and his 'Death Eaters'.
I watched my father attempt to murder Harry Potter, and when he failed and forbid me to kill him, I left him, and told him that perhaps I would come back when I completed my final year. He wasn't pleased by that, and told his Death Eaters to capture me and 'keep me safe'. He forced the Dark Mark on me and told me to join him. Over and Over again. When I did not, he tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on me, but that did not go so well, since I countered him with magic of my own. He had taken my Slytherin wand, not knowing what it really was, so I had to rely on my wandless magic. But that was not so strong, since my father was indeed a powerful wizard. I managed to escape, while killing 2 of his Death Eaters and injuring more. I left a message, saying I would be back after I completed my 7th year in Japan. After I escaped I returened to Hogwarts and went to see Dumbledore again. I did not tell him where I had been the last month, well not exactly. He offered me to join the Order of the Pheonix, but having known that one of them killed my mother, I declined and left to Japan for my last year.

I am currently travelling to Japan.
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