Isabel Eisan


Typical Gryffindor. Headstrong and brash with an oddly sunny disposition. My cat Alexia is my life.

  • Joined March 2017
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  • United States


I am a half-blood from Gryffindor. I came to Hogwarts after my parents moved to the UK, a place near Galway in Ireland. When I got my letter, I was ecstatic. My parents, however, were not as excited as I was. They wanted me to go back to the States and go to Ilvermorny, which is where my dad attended as a Thunderbird. However, the idea of attending Hogwarts was much more appealing to me, so I put my foot down and demanded to stay in the UK. My relationship with my parents has been a bit strained since then, but around my 2nd year they mostly came around. I want to be an Unspeakable when I graduate, so I need to spend less time playing Exploding Snap and with my cat, Alexia, and more time hitting the books.

Wand: Laurel Wood, Phoenix Core, 12 3/4 inches, Supple Flexibility

Patronus: Otter
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