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I'm an American witch finishing my education at Hogwarts in Britain. I attended Ilvermorny for the first part of my schooling career and was sorted into house Thunderbird before my father died of dragon pox when I was 14. I was sorted into Slytherin when I first arrived at Hogwarts and heard numerous stories and rumors about the house, Salazar Slytherin, the kind of path Slytherins tend to follow after graduation and especially the notorious dark wizard Voldemort. I cannot imagine having to have lived through the second Wizarding War in the 1990s with death at every corner. Albeit an extremely powerful wizard with great potential who could have done much good for the wizarding world if he had had any conscience, it's relieving that he is gone from the world. I've come to understand the negative reputation Slytherin has prompted over the centuries, however it makes me quite frustrated that not many witches and wizards seem to realize the real reason a student is sorted into this house, which is due to their great ambition, resourcefulness, determination and ability to know what they want and use cleverness to find a way to achieve that desire. If you ask me, I find the other houses who judge us for all being death eaters and not deserving to be apart of the Hogwarts community are in ways no better than the pure-blood supremacist bullies. Besides my school life, I am also a half-blood (pure-blood witch mother and muggle-born wizard father). After graduation, I'm thinking of either becoming an Unspeakable and work in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry or work as an Obliviator at the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.
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