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Description: My name is Ceridwen Hillflaw (Aka Wind,Wen,Wynn) I'm 16 years old, a halfblood witch,in the Hufflepuff house. I have dark brown eyes and hair, which is wavy and knee length.(I'ts sometimes annoying, but i'd never cut it,and i'll seriously injure ANYONE who tries) And I can usually be seen wearing a hoody and vans or converse shoes, and occasionally riding a long board or skateboard if I need to get somewhere quickly.

Personality: I am told i'm super sweet and giddy, but I cry easily. I'm really shy as well, but i can be really horrifying if you make me angry or hurt my friends,which can be a good thing at times I suppose. I also have the tendency to be quite stubborn.I usually do well with lessons, my favorite classes are transfiguration and charms.

Hobbies and interests: I love to read and have a leather bag full of books on my shoulder at all times. I'm also a successful; gymnast, and a bit of a smart alec. I'm completely OBSESSED with shoes. My favorites are Van's and Converse.

Dislikes: I absolutely HATE jerky/self centered people, tumeric, olives and people touching my hair without permission.

Parents/Friends :I'm now an orphan. My mother died right after I was born in a train wreck. I lived with my dad until last year, when I was 15. My dad was a book binder amd owned a spell book shop in diagon alley. One day he found an old book in another towns book shop and bought it. When he brought it home and opened it, it exploded with an array of colorful magic,but the magic was dark, despite its beauty, and killed him. So now I live in the shop alone and bind books during the holidays. I get my love of reading from him.

Wand: 12 3/4" silver lime wood with a phoenix feather core and its very bendy.

Patronus:White stallion

Quidittch position:Chaser

Animagus:Fluffy white cat
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