Jeet Salazar Dragneel

Expert of Dark Arts

I'm expert of Dark arts.Wand:bloodwood 13¾ inches, basilisk fang, Phoenix feather bonded with dragon heartstring and thestral tail hair.

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Wand specifications:bloodwood wood 13¾ inches and Phoenix feather and basilisk fang as core bonded with dragon heartstring and thestral tail hair. Made using power of elder wand

Bio:I was born on 17th may to dragneel family. My father was a half blood and my mother was a pureblood. I had unique ability to speak parseltounge which I got from my mother as she was a gaunt. My father's family is one of the oldest Wizarding family in Asia. Our ancestors bred dragons and had used dragon heartstring cores as wand for centuries. When I was 7 we moved to Great Britain and lived in a non magical colony. Due to my ability to speak parseltongue and interests in dark arts people thought I was next dark Lord and stuff. Once my father met Harry J Potter in a venue and he told about me. Harry laughed and said its not much of a deal and I can be a professor of DADA after growing up. When I was 11 I got my hogwarts letter and was excited as well as scared of how people would react to me. My dad took me to diagon alley to shop for supplies and had me choose a wand. It was a Chestnut wood with phoenix feather and 12inches.My sorting was a weird one,hat had to think a lot about putting me to slytherin or ravenclaw. I made friends with some griffindors and slytherins and we read books after classes together everyday. In my third year I was chosen as Chaser for Slytherin team and I got a Firebolt MK4 for christmas that year. We destroyed the matches and won the house cup. During my fourth year i was gone fr quidditch world cup when a group of Neo Death eaters attacked the stadium. Me and Zac my friend fought the death eaters alongside the aurors and my dad. I used curses and hexes that knocked the enemies out while wounding their leader with a Sectumsempra. My wand broke and I was given a award for my bravery. Harry Potter soon made me a custom wand using power of elder wand as a gift. I'm still studying for owls and newts and helping ministry when they need help of my curse breaking and my knowledge.
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