Full name: Jasmine Arianna Dufonte Patronus: Raven Wand: hawthorn, unicorn hair pet: raven named Leona

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My name is Jasmine, though I go by Jinx most of the time. I am a 16-year-old Slytherin student. I was raised in a muggle family, though I'm actually an angel from the kingdom of Celestia. Celestia is a parallel dimension that has all of the magical flora and fauna of this world and more. I am the only daughter of the late Queen of Celestia, but I'm too young to rule yet. My magic is odd, because I am also part Dark Angel, meaning I have a great store of dark magic, but there is wizard somewhere in my heritage too. I can wield a wand, though sometimes when I'm angry, my strength gets away from me and I end up shooting magic from my hands instead. I love flying! It is so amazing to see the world from up high and I love nothing more than the wind on my face.
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